Taiwan Jan 2013

Day 1 on Cityinn Hotel Branch 2 and Shilin Night Market: here

Day 2 on ShiFen and Raohe Night Market: here

Day 3 on FuHangDouJiang, XinBeitou and Tamshui: here

Day 4-5 on YongHeDouJiang, MaoKong, Ximending, SiHaiDouJiang, Taichung, Tomato Rooms and Fengjia Night Market: here

Day 6 on Xinshe- Lavender Cottage: here

Day 6-8 on Xinshe- Summit Resort and Carton King and rest of my Taichung Trip: here

Taiwan May 2013   

Cingjing Part 1 : here

 Cingjing Part 2: Here
 Hualien Part 1: Here

 Hualien Part 2: Here

 Kenting Part 1: Here

 Kenting Part 2: Here

Quick reference

1. How to get to Jiufen?

2. What to eat in Taiwan?

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