Saturday, November 28, 2015

Family day at Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

YES I KNOW! USS AGAIN! But Singapore being Singapore, there's nothing much we can do. USS is considered the most exciting and fun compared to bird park or science center right? I wonder where else do people go for their family day... Hope I won't ever be tasked to organise one *prays*.

Even though it's my third time at USS, I was really excited about it! I think cause it was my first family day, so I was really thrilled about it! But actually it's more like colleagues' day for us cause we didn't bring our family along. Hahahha. Then also because BATTLESTAR GALATICA IS UP!!! A bit scared but was really looking forward to it!

Hey first time taking a photo with the globe yo!

And don't underestimate our attire, lots of thoughts went into choosing the best attire, bag and things to bring. Celine's and my choice of attire goes like that: Cannot be white top, cause might get wet and dirty. Neither can it be black, cause will be hot. The shorts cannot be those that will absorb water, so denim is the best. Shoes must be waterproofed. Finally, cannot bring too big a bag cause very inconvenient for some rides. So that's how we ended up in our almost coordinated wear. LOL.  Did I mention that we brought the same plastic bag to put our cardigan cause bag too small? HAHAAH. Apparently the rest didn't really bother about our analysis. Learning from my last trip to USS, I also brought along poncho and a water bottle.

And budget us decided to walk to USS than to take the train which cost $4. Haahah. Wah becoming more and more aunty recently. Surprisingly quite fast and not very hot!

After having some family day introduction at the Sesame Street Theatre, we immediately headed off to the Puss in Boots ride! I really wanted to just go straight for the Battlestar! But I agreed with the strategy to go by increasing thrill.

Celine and I were duper excited! The rest were just chill and strolling, but we were like running. HAHAHA. Young at heart no choice luh~ And because we were there at 10am, there's no queue at all! I remembered queueing for like an hour for it last time? And us being people who cannot follow instructions, took photos on the ride. Oops.

Thereafter we went for the Enchanted Airways Roller Coaster, which we called it the shrek/dragon roller coaster. No queue still! Not bad still like this ride!

After which we straight away chiong for The Revenge of the Mummy! Saw Aaron on the way and jio-ed him along. I'm starting to get excited! Hahhaha. Cause I remember the drop for the mummy ride is quite exciting! No queue also!! Super shiok! And I happen to be one of those irritating people who likes to scream on ride until the mouth very dry then bo bian cannot scream kind. Oops.

Since there's no queue, we went for a second round! Attempted a heart shape photo with Celine during the ride which turned out to be more like a trapezium. LOL #fail. And again, I think USS should allow us to capture a photo of the photo. They are not even making money from it! (USS are you hearing this?)

Cannot remember when we took this photo. But going by the background and the state of my hair, seems like it was taken after the mummy ride. (Need to bring comb along next time)


We went for Cylon first, the inverted roller coaster in blue with your legs dangling, because the queue for Human, seated roller coaster in red, was horrendous. Turned out, the queue for Cylon was the horrendous one. We queued for almost 1.5hours for it. Oh god. I almost fell asleep while queuing. Zzz. And someone even stepped on my toe. ._. Ok luh no link, just irritated someone stepped on my toe so must mention it. 

But OMG the ride is super fun! There's only one steep drop at the start, but there are many different inversions! It has been so long since I took a ride with a inversion and I MISS IT SO MUCH!! I particularly love the vertical loop and the zero-g roll. SHIOK!!! *hyperventilating*

Zah who sat beside me was hilarious. "Omg omg omgodddddddd... AHHHHHH" *repeats* HAHHAHAHA.

After that we decided to go for lunch instead of queueing for the Human cause we are human and need to eat. Nom. Ate at Mel's which is the best in USS already. After eating we decided to take some rides first before trying out the Human Battlestar. Don't want to be a Merlion yo!

And we decided on the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, which is the water ride where the suay person will get the water. LOL. Good place to test your luck for the day! And my poncho was put to good use! 

And I made a new friend, Li Shan, who conquered all the rides with me! Hahha. Each of us have different threshold for rides. Some was Mummy's, and some was the Shrek roller coaster *cough*Huishan*cough*. The rest of us who go on the Battlestar has no threshold. HAHAHAH. 

And as usual, must keep dry. Brave soul on my right was also the suay soul. HAHAH.

Thereafter Tina, Aaron, Li shan and I decided to try the Human Battlestar. Waiting time was 45mins, but we decided to go ahead. Turned out, zero queue! Totally no mental preparation and we went on it. And also at first thought that the 45 mins can digest my food more. Hahaha. Luckily never merlion in action.

AND OMG THE FIRST DROP IS INSANE!!! HAHAHA. SUPER SHIOK!! Other than that, I think nothing much leh. HAHAHA. I was anticipating some inversions but don't have. But the first drop is really very good luh! Especially when the launch speed is quite fast. We immediately went for a second round! Having taken it once, can raise our hands now! (look ma, no hands!) Free hands very shiok!!

And the hardcore us (Aaron, Li Shan and I) went for the Cylon ride again. No regret! This time round they launched the Human and Cylon together and it was more exciting! I think it's supposed to be launched together, but sometimes the queues made it not possible. It is definitely more exciting when launched together because can hear more screaming (remember? I'm one of those irritating people who likes to scream) and also see the other ride goes past/comes very close to our's.  

Ending off with this group photo of the young peeps at my company! We are from 5 different divisions! Thanks Shem for the photos!

And theme park can really make me very excited!! 

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