Sunday, June 01, 2014

Bangkok Day 2 – (SBX2 Wanton Noodles, Afteryou Cafe and Ban Nam Kieng Din)

Apparently the military has taken control over Bangkok. Did I just jinxed it by saying it’s safe? Oops

So glad that we went earlier. Mr Gan and I were out till 12am everyday when we were there. Having said that, I hope that the situation in Bangkok will be normalised soon. I still want to go there!

So after the late night at Red Sky Bar the night before, we planned to sleep in and wake up later. But my body clock is so attuned to my working life that I woke up at 8am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Self entertained all the way till about 10.30am before I went to disturb Mr Gan. Hahhahahaha. 

Made him wake up to take a few silhouette shots for me. HAHAHAH

SBXII Wanton Noodles

Then we went to have the SBXII wanton noodles, which is highly raved and supposedly very nice.

It is located just round our hotel. Approximately 5 minutes walk. After coming out of Amari Watergate, turn right,  walk down the street all the way until you see Shibuya 19, turn right into the alley and walk down for 30 seconds and you will find it on your right!

With a super hipster looking dude cooking the noodles.

We ordered 1 soup and 1 dry. Personally I find it overrated. Perhaps it’s the nicest wanton noodles in Bangkok, but I think there are nicer ones in Singapore. Like the famous Wanton Noodles/Pork Rib with Mushroom Noodles at Amoy. 

Bought crepe on the way to Platinum! Which is located along the main street before you turn into SBXII.

And shopping time! Didn’t really shop much this time round maybe because there isn’t anything I wanted/needed. I only bought like 3 tops and 1 dress? Whereas Mr Gan bought wayyyyyy more.

Went to Pantip Plaza for their A&W! Somehow I find the chicken in BKK a lot more chicken-y than that in Singapore. I love their chicken! It’s like I can taste the chicken taste. 

Afteryou Cafe

Prior to meeting Mr Gan’s Thai friend, we went to the Afteryou Cafe at centralworld to try their famous toast!! They also have an outlet at Siam Paragon.

I REALLY LOVE IT! It’s so good! I really want to have it now! We also tried their lava cake because Mr Gan loves anything chocolate! It’s really good as well!!


Ban Nam Kieng Din

Then we met up with Mr Gan’s Thai friend who drove us to Ban Nam Kieng Din for dinner!!

We have always wanted to go there but didn’t managed to because it’s very inaccessible. While you can easily cab there, coming back will be a problem. Also the menu there are in Thai for the local food, so ordering will definitely be a problem. So now we finally had the chance! 

He brought another of his Thai friend along and we really enjoy our time with them! They are super hospitable and took very good care of us. And I finally understood the magnitude of the Thai flood back in 2009/2010. According to him, the seating area of Ban Nam Kieng Din was fully submerged. 

Like if you sit on the bench above, you will be underwater. Flood aside, please enjoy the beauty of the place. And Ban Nam Kieng Din is different from Chocolateville. One is located on the east and the other on the west.


It rained super heavily when we were leaving but Mr Gan’s friend still insisted on taking photos for us. :D Hey check out the black swan *inserts swan lake song*


Ending off with this photo because we looked genuinely happy. Thank you Mr Gan’s friend for the awesome hosting! We will be a good host when you come Singapore this July!

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