Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sawadeeka! Bangkok Day 1 (Amari Watergate, Somtam Nua and Red Sky Bar)

Hi! I wonder if anyone still visits this space of mine. Nonetheless, I’m finally back with some update! 

Went Bkk with Mr Gan last weekend and I’m so dreading Singapore’s life now. It was (still is) so awesome! 

Some background on the trip. It was actually a surprise trip planned by Mr Gan and my 2 girlfriends. All along I thought that I will be travelling with my 2 girlfriends. However when I turned up at the airport on the date of departure, my travel companion turns out to be Mr Gan! Really touched by all their efforts (like photoshopping the airline’s booking itinerary and travelling down all the way to the Airport to just make the surprise a complete one). Thank you girls!! I love you all so much. Let’s really go overseas together one day! And thank you Mr Gan for coming back from UK to celebrate my birthday and planning this trip cause you know I like quality time spent together! 

Default pre-departure selfie. HAHAHHA. 

With my bitches!

With the partners in crime. Sorry for the bad quality photo cause it was taken with my iphone5’s front camera. I think the camera deteriorates with age, it doesn’t used to be this cui. Or maybe you see the camera’s true colours over time? 

Scoot extra leg room
It was Mr Gan’s virgin experience on Scoot and he was marvelling at how much leg room we had!
(pardon my fatty thighs, gyming now)

Scoot extra leg roomScoot extra leg room
“Wah look at this! I can even cross my legs. I never thought that I can cross my legs on a plane”

Turns out we got a free upgrade to the seats with extra leg room. HAHAHHA. But the seats are really quite shiok.

Life goes on, and we continued our normal conversation on board.

Then it ended off with me telling Mr Gan, "Hey you know the Caucasian seated in front of you? I just saw him taking a yellow shirt from his bag to the Business Class’s area, perhaps he’s the CEO of scoot.” And he was like, “Ya righttt.”


Scoot CEO onboardScoot CEO onboard
Nothing special. Just him travelling to Bkk for work and decided to be a cabin crew for a while.

At the end of the flight we realised that we were actually surrounded by a team of Scoot’s Exco. HAHAHHAA. Nothing much actually, just that we discussed about many things about Scoot during our entire flight there. HAHAHA. oops.

Finally landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport!! (I can now pronounce this word!)

I think things were going quite well for this trip. I made a casual remark to Mr Gan that I want the big taxi! Dang! We were allocated the big taxi! (Should have told him I want 1 million dollars. #wasted)

Amari Watergate

Checked in to the hotel!!

We decided to stay at this hotel because it’s just opposite Platinum, and it was only SGD110 per night. 

Bangkok Amari Watergate Review
I love big bed!! 

Bangkok Amari Watergate Review
and big spacious area!

I enjoyed my stay there! Think I will go back again, or maybe try Novotel/Centara next time.

Anyway after we check-in and settled our stuff, we zoomed off to have our dinner! Cause it was 9pm already and we were worried that the place will close soon.

Bangkok Amari Watergate ReviewBangkok Amari Watergate Review

Somtam Nua

Bangkok Somtam NuaBangkok Somtam Nua
Bangkok Somtam NuaBangkok Somtam Nua
Clockwise from top right, 1) Pork Floss noodles, 2) Pork/Pig’s neck meat, 3) Papaya Salad and 4) Fried Chicken.

This post is making me hungry. I miss all of them now!

Somtam Nua – Siam Square
392/14 Soi Siam Square 5, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok, Thailand
Opening hours: 10.45am – 9.30am
BTS: Siam
Directions: It is located on the opposite side of Siam Paragon. Walk down the alley once you see the police station. You should be able to see the sign board from the main street.

Bangkok krispykreme
 The Krispykreme in Singapore is so expensive that I find it hard to stomach. (punny~) So after dinner at SomTam Nua, we hopped over to Siam Paragon’s basement to have it. I like the original sugary flavour, but it was sold out. So I got to make do with this. (I squeezed out most of the strawberry jam though. HAHAHA)

Went back to hotel to change into something slightly more presentable and hopped over to …

Red Sky Bar

Bangkok Red Sky Bar
Located on the 57th floor of Centara Hotel. Just next to Centralworld, so pretty convenient from our hotel.

Bangkok Red Sky Bar Bangkok Red Sky Bar
The dress code is smart casual. But we saw people in both casual and formal. Not too sure, I guess no slippers should be safe?

Bangkok Red Sky Bar
Mr Gan ordered this passion fruit cocktail for me which I absolutely love it! I love all things passion fruit. And we ordered fries cause I think drinking alone is pretty meh. The drinks are below SGD20 each and the snacks are the same. Pretty affordable!

Bangkok Red Sky Bar
Looks kinda eerie. HAHAHA. The staircase’s lighted green, no choice.

Centara Grand – Centralworld
999/99 Rama 1 Road | 56th Floor, Centara Grand at CentralWorld, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Opening Hours: 17.00pm – 01.00am
BTS: Chitlom

Ok I’m tired now. Will continue with the rest next week! Anyway, Bangkok is safe when I went last week!