Saturday, January 11, 2014

New year resolutions

Super belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I had a truly remarkable Christmas and New Year in Europe with Mr Gan thus my new year resolutions are late as well. But better late than never! As usual, my new year resolutions are for my own reference next year!

I will be blogging about my Europe trip in due course, hahahha, but that will take some time. Norway will probably be first since I really love it there and hope to share my trip and hopefully it can help others in their planning!

Year in visit

2013 is definitely a major year of change for me.
1) Went Taiwan with Mr Gan in January
2) Took up Japanese
3) Did something I have always wanted to do and got a not so satisfactory result but moved on. 

4) Graduated
5) Went Taiwan for Grad Trip with my friends (Taiwan is my second home).

6) Went Bangkok with Mr Gan (Bangkok is my third home)
7) Started my career, work till wee hours, quarter life crisis
8) Mr Gan went UK for his studies which marked the start of the 3 years LDR

9) Went Europe to find Mr Gan
10) Saw the Northern lights and went dog-sledding. 

Pretty accomplished with all the traveling. Pretty broke too. HAHAHA.

I went back to read my 2013 resolutions as usual, and here they are:-

1) To nurse my health and not fall sick that often.
My health is still pretty bad, but at least not in red. I thought something was majorly wrong with me in November so I went to run numerous tests and tadah! the doctor officially discharged me on Thursday. Can't explain how happy I am when I learn I'm all healthy. 

 Having said that, I think I deserve some green because I'm starting to lead a healthy lifestyle. Yoga, salad, less carbs and more greens and fruits.
2) To spend my money wisely. Focus more on quality and stuff that can last longer rather than cheap stuff that spoils easily.  

 I guess so?

3) Be a wonderful girlfriend, friend, daughter, sister and Aunty.

  I guess so?

4) Learn a new skill and read more books. I also hope that I can improve my languages.

I learnt Japanese.

5) Be happy and spread the joy
 I'm not too sure, eh people are you all happy?

6) Have better time management

7) And finally, enjoy the next phase of my life.
Not really.

And my resolutions for 2014 are relatively the same, though I will make it more specific:-

1) To lead a healthy lifestyle and hopefully my health will adjust itself accordingly.
2) Learn cooking
3) Sort out my quarter life crisis

4) Not to spend unnecessary 
5) Maintain all my ships. Kinship, relationship and friendship
6) Be happy and spread the joy :D

Hope everyone will be happy as well. :)

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