Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Uterus

The Uterus is a very temperamental, unpredictable, and powerful woman.

Once a month, she will start a war and wreck havoc, but you have no idea when.

And when she does, it spells trouble.

Luckily there's someone who can subdue her, Panadol.

But even so, she will not give up without fighting.

Sometimes she fights alone, but most of the time she enlists the help of others.

Like today, she seek the help of  Rectum.

Their combined power is so terrifying that Feet and Hand will shiver in fear, Lips will turn white and Skin will break out in cold sweat.

Sometimes, their power can even cause Brain to see stars and switch off completely and Stomach to throw up.

But luckily for the rest today, Panadol managed to subdue Uterus and her ally before more damage can be done.