Saturday, August 03, 2013


Hi all! I’m back! Sorry for the lack of updates for one month. (I’m still adapting to working life, and I haven’t forgotten about my Taiwan posts.)

I have officially started work a month ago and I’m still trying to adapt to this new chapter of my life. I was in a state of disbelief for quite a while that I’m going to be working for the rest of my life. No more term break T.T. Just weekends and holidays.

And last Saturday marks the end of my education life – Convocation.

I never really think much of convocation. I didn’t really want to go also. Hahahah because it’s on a Saturday, which meant a shorter weekend. (Anyway I’m sick now, so yet another wasted weekend.)

But I changed my mind later.

Convocation is not really the day for us, it’s for our parents. So many happy parents around that you will feel happy too.

A big thank you to daddy and mummy! Thank you for putting me through education which I really enjoyed! And thank you for taking care of me! Now that I’m working, it’s my turn to contribute to the bread at home! hahahah

Hee! My daddy is a graduate too!

Thereafter it’s a mad rush around the crowded auditorium to find people you want to take photos with, people who made a difference in your university life.  


Thank you my JC mates for coming! Although I repeated asked them not to come because NTU is just too far and ulu!

Year 1 Sem 1 mate, Cherlene! I miss all the times we spent together then! When we both stayed in hall, attended all our lessons together, did tutorials together, had dinner together, ran around NTU together, and etc. Hope we will have the chance to meet up for lunch/dinner even with our busy schedules now!

Cherlene’s roomie, Jiayin! Got to know her through Cherlene because I used to crash Cherlene’s hall with my roomie, Vivien! Super glad to know her because she’s super funny and very nice to hang out with!

Fellow GST interns!! Lovely days spent eating, gossiping, eating, planning for future, eating, calculating pay, eating, bitching, eating. Always about eating! Oh! And doing work. Yes yes. Doing work. And researching on new places to eat. 

Thank you Ragner, my nbs og, for being my first friends in school and the 5 days spent together with just 7 hours of sleep. Once in the lifetime experience!

Hallies, hallies, me and fellow simei-ian. You know they how everyone says it’s very hard to make friends in uni? Yup that’s true. HAHAHAH. They got to be my closest friends I made in uni.


Fright night partner for hall camp, Director of the play i casted in, Tutorial/Lecture mate and fellow bimbo himbo!

My hall OG, Sindar! Thank you for the super retarded times together!

And thank you Mr Gan for always being there! *muackx*

And presenting to you,

Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons.) HAHAHAH. Just got to add that hons. behind.

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