Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Guide to Bangkok–Shopping, Eating and Lepaking

Decided to blog about my Bangkok trip before continuing with my Taiwan trip because I thought that blogging about this should be easier. (Midway through blogging: I guess I’m wrong)


Bangkok, the land of smiles and traffics and what’s not.

Not sure whether to name this Guide to Bangkok cause I feel that it won’t be a good guide. Plus Bangkok is a frequently frequent place by so many people, so there isn’t really a need for a guide. But then again, I still look for a guide despite being there before. So never mind, I shall still call it a guide.  

So 5 days after I returned from Taiwan, I jetted off again! This time round to Bangkok with Mr Gan! Oh yay!


It wasn’t our first time going Bangkok actually. In fact we went there just last year, after my internship. Main aim of the trip? Shopping! and of course spending some quality time with each other!

It was a rather impromptu trip because we only booked the tickets in late April. Quite happy that we made the decision to go cause I really enjoyed myself!

For a starter, this won’t be a really good guide for you to go Bangkok. Hhahaha. Cause we didn’t really take any street food because well, I have a weak stomach. On my last trip, I was down with violent stomach ache. So I told myself not to let it happen again. So we abstained from street food. And even without taking street food, I can still manage to come down with violent stomach ache one day. Got to love this stomach of mine.


Not sure if you realised, but I sort of love taking a before jetting off photo. Quite interesting what. No? And once again, This post will be probably be filled with my face. Cause Mr Gan is someone who is more comfortable being behind than in front of the camera. I can be both. Hiak.


Hi there Mr Gan!

The objective of this photo is to give credit to SAT. HAHAHA. Kidding. I just didn’t took a nice photo of SIA nor any wing photos. So you got to make do with this photo. And yes we took SIA to BKK! Always love travelling with SIA. Plus this time round their food is simply awesome!! I hated their food if you remember. But this time round they served some pork chop or some chop I don’t remember and it’s very nice!


Always quite fascinated with the cabs in Bangkok. Their interior decorations are always very unique.

Anyway I don’t  like this cab driver. For one, his car boot is faulty. I spent half the time worrying that the luggage might fall off the car. Next I simply don’t like the fact that he decides to keep all the changes and say it’s service charge for him. HELLO? We decide the service charge and not you okay. The cab driver back to the airport is so much nicer that we tipped him more. Just don’t like people who take it so naturally as though we owe him a living or something. Wake up luh.

Point to note: Prepare small changes before going bangkok. Cause tipping is so common over there you will need lots of small notes/changes. And if it’s your first time going bangkok, you can try out the tuktuk. Once is enough for me though. The pollution and safety I can’t even.


Glow Trinity Silom

This time round, we stayed at Glow Trinity Silom. Never heard of it? So do I. Hahhaha. There are just too many hotels in Bangkok that we just anyhow choose one which has pretty good reviews. Not sure how many stars is it also.

Got upgraded to their premier room because they have too many rooms I think. No aircon in the corridor. Pretty big room with a king size bed. YAY! I love king size bed.


YES also to wooden flooring. A coach which I did not lie/touch it the entire time. I just don’t like the idea of lying on something that is possibly not cleaned for very long. There’s no view at all, there is actually, bad view, like some other people’s house or I don’t know which looks pretty creepy that I rather the curtain to be drawn 24/7.


LOVE THE TOILET. Super big toilet!


Verdict? Don’t think I will stay again though. HAHAHHA. Cause I didn’t manage to get uninterrupted sleep. Maybe not their fault cause I drank lots of water to fight my impeding sore throat, but the mattress didn't seem very comfortable. Mr Gan concurred too. Plus the breakfast is pretty meh and I attribute my stomach ache to the hotel’s breakfast. So going to try another hotel next time when I go bangkok!

150 Silom Soi 3 (Naratiwas Soi 3 or Sathorn Soi 8)
Silom Road, Bangkok 10500
Tel: +66 2 2315050 and Fax: +66 2 2315417
5 mins walk from Chong Nonsi BTS



After settling down for a bit, we headed off to Asiatique! Anyway Mr Gan planned the itinerary this time round cause I was busy with exams and my Taiwan itinerary during the period. So he found out about this place called Asiatique! I only know about the itinerary the day before we set off! <3 font="">


Looks nice right!


We took this free shuttle ferry


Was quite amaze with the ferry there! I think this ferry fetches people to their hotel or something. Damn unique right! Anyway I’m not sure what river is this, but I just assume that it’s chao praya river.

Tourists tourists everywhere~


Hey look ferry!


Trying my best not to bore you with photos of ferries, so here’s a photo of us.


Then another photo of a ferry. Hee!


And the first sighting of Asiatique :D


And inserting random photo of me!

We spent our time there taking photos and walking around just chilling. It’s basically a tourist area where they sell things that can be found in chatuchak I think? but more expensive. Not really meant for shopping. But you can just go there and walk walk see see. Afterall the surrounding is pretty nice and comfortable. Non smoking area yo! Can’t be more pleased.

They have lots of food there too! Like local delights, Japanese, Western, Italian, seafood and others. Got both restaurant and something like Singapore’s market place. Prices are considered expensive compared to what you normally buy in Bkk, but compare to Singapore, I think it’s not bad, cheaper else comparable.




Now you see me,


Now you don’t. HAHAHAH. Spot the difference!


That's my gross hair gracing you, and me holding on to the sweetest milk tea. Thai milk tea is damn sweet.




And we ended up taking lots of photos of the ferries wheel just to see who’s photography is better. HAHAHAHA


A bus? to transport lazy people from one end to the other.


And we had Italian for Dinner. That’s beef lasagne.


And pizza. I know boring choices.

The night view of Asiatique

Chareonkrung Soi 74-76
Getting there: Take the free shuttle ferry from Saphan Taksin BTS

Lebua Tower Skybar

Well-known for it’s view and expensive cocktails, we decided to visit the skybar at Lebua Tower one night.


There’s a dress code for the place so that explains the attire. Think it was smart casual.


Got to be one of the most decent photo of me (except the gross hair)  in recent times, so got to put it big. LOL.


Went for a bite at a restaurant near our hotel and tried their green curry which I can’t even.. The whole thing went to Mr Gan who finds joy in spicy food.  HAHAH. I’m damn bad with spicy food but I still try them! Milk helps.

Unfortunately for us, after we were done with our dinner, we cabbed down to Le Bua Tower and it started raining super heavily. We went there for the view and with it raining, we concurred it’s pointless. After all the cocktail there is expensive only because you are paying for the view, without the view then the cocktail is not even worth it. So we left.

sirocco_bangkok sirocco_bar

The view we would have seen! Next time then! 

Getting there: Cab. Hahahha.


Bangkok is pretty well-known for their massage, both the decent massage and the indecent massage. And from what I know, one of the more famous indecent massage is the soapy massage. And you can google it yourself for more details. LOL. For us, we went for just the foot massage. Cause I get tickled rather easily. I know there are a few famous ones, but we didn’t really make our way there. Instead we just choose one near our hotel and settled for it.


And this is my masseur. Not very shiok in my opinion maybe cause he didn’t exert lots of strength for fear I can’t take it. But the back and neck massage was :O Power.  We paid 1000baht including tips. Quite ex I know. HAHAHA.

Eating! Nom Nom Nom!


If your stomach is not as weak as mine, and you are up for it, then most likely you can try their street food! I really admire people with iron stomach. The only street food that I can take are Taiwan’s and Singapore’s. :(




Banana egg pancake coated with chocolate and condensed milk

Nonetheless, I tried their street food on the first day when we just arrived and I’m feeling up for it. Enjoy first, hope for the best, and suffer later if necessary. This is the only street food I ate though. BUT IT’S SO NICE!!! @.@ It was selling at the BTS near our hotel. Wanted to buy one more just before leaving bkk but the stall wasn’t there on weekdays. Sad life. And it’s only 40baht.

Som Tam Nua


Under recommendations from friends, we went to visit Som Tam Nua too. Supposingly a place that will be frequent by locals. Went there on a Monday night and saw lots of working class there!

My friends only told me that their fried chicken is nice, so when we were there we were peering at what the other tables ordered and the recommended dish on the menu. Hahhaha.


The famous fried chicken which is really nice!!


Spicy soup which Mr Gan ordered to satisfy his spicy tongue. He loves spicy food.


and fried noodles which is really nice too! Guess we will go back again next time!


And the menu for you to take a look at the prices.


Love the place cause it’s really spacious and comfortable. Not very very noisy also. We went on a weekday, so it isn’t really crowded. I heard that there will be queue at some times.


Getting there: Alight at Siam BTS and walk towards this bank and turn right into the alley and you will see it. Quite easy!
392/14 Soi Siam Square 5, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Siam Paragon/ MBK/ CentralWorld

Although these 3 places are shopping malls, we generally go there for food and not shopping.


I love Siam Paragon! Went to get krispykreme from Siam Paragon cause Yumei told me it’s to die for. So we bought 4! 2 each. Found it a bit too sweet for my liking plus the chocolate and nuts almost killed my already bad throat. LOL. We also visited the Gourmet Market, which is like Cold Storage or Marketplace, at Siam Paragon. We love visiting supermarket! BTS: Siam

Centralworld is a food heaven :O There’s just so much food here that I can’t even. We merely walked past Centralworld the previous time we came Bangkok so we didn’t know. NOW WE DO.  It’s soooo big plus it is equipped with a Cinema. It is located at Chitlom Station as well, same as platinum fashion mall, so I would normally visit Centralworld for lunch or dinner. Most likely dinner cause I will walk over to Panitp Plaza which is beside Platinum for A&W. Hiak. Centralworld, you have replaced Siam Paragon in my heart.
BTS: Chitlom

MBK is one mall that I don’t really fancy going. Big yes, but too messy. The only reason we went there is for this local snacks that Mr Gan’s family love a lot. It’s the pork floss thing that looks like ginseng roots. Hahahha.
BTS: National Stadium

Terminal 21

Located just beside BTS, terminal 21 is a newly opened mall with every floor themed after a country. First time being there and the thing that impressed me the most is their toilet. Really impressive toilet with bidget installed for every toilet bowl and a stunning view from the toilet.

When I came out of the toilet I was telling Mr Gan , “Did you see that big window? The view is so nice!” To which he replied,”What window?” HAHAHA guess the Ladies is a lot nicer than the Gents.


I’m at London!!


Other than the toilet, I think the only thing that makes it worth visiting is the food. Quite a lot of variety. But not so much for shopping cause it’s too ex and most of the stuff can be found at platinum at a much cheaper price.

BTS: Asoke


Chatuchak/Jatujak Weekend Market

Or JJ Market in short, is the must go place for shopping when in Bangkok! Like what the name suggests, it only opens on Weekends. So you better choose your travel dates properly! Spend at least one day there! I would think Sunday tends to have lesser people. Human nature, you would prefer to shop/enjoy on a Saturday than a Sunday because the next day is still a holiday.


From BTS there would be stalls set up already. I think if you see something you like you should just buy it because most probably you won’t pass by the same place again.

Point to note! It’s super hot there! And I really mean it! Don’t think putting on makeup is a good idea caused it will probably melt in the heat, make you super uncomfortable and probably clog your pores and Viola! Pimples. HAHAH. Having said that, I saw many locals wearing super thick makeup to the market. :O I slapped lots of sunblock, insect repellent, tied my hair, wore a shades and dressed in my most airy attire which I don’t remember what.

And because of the heat, you got to keep drinking water! Saw people bringing 2 bottles of 1.5litres water with them and I was like “Whattt..” Why torture yourself! Just buy there? 10baht for a bottle of water not very ex right? (Or is it?)


Reaped this off the net cause I find this very important despite it being blur. HAHAHA. Not sure why they coloured section 2 and 3 as decos and plants respectively, caused from what I remembered, sections 2 and 3 are clothing, and they are my favourite sections. Lots of nice and good quality clothes from that section! I got most of my loots from these 2 sections.

Not sure whether anyone actually combed the entire place systematically caused we didn’t. Hahhaha. We didn’t spend a very long time there actually. Like maybe 3-4hours? Cause it was too hot and shopping isn’t really a guy’s thing. 3-4hours is a long ordeal for Mr Gan. And we decided against having lunch there cause yours truly has weak stomach. I guess most hardcore shoppers will probably skip lunch. Hahahha. But nope didn’t want to do that. We had a heavy breakfast and late lunch.

And presenting the 70 baht slut buy from JJ Market. Slut buy not because the slipper is slutty-looking, but because it’s a slut inside. Frictionless slipper which made me slipped on the escalator in Siam Paragon. The omg-embarassed moment where I quickly took cover behind Mr Gan.

And it freaking broke after just 2 days of wearing. Mr Gan spent a good 5 minutes laughing at my limpy and spazzy walk after it broke. And another 5 minutes while I attempt to repair it with plaster. See he even took a photo. Thankfully/Unthankfully, it broke at terminal 21 and I went to H&M to get a new pair of shoes.

BTS: Mochit

The Platinum Fashion Mall

Another must go shopping place in Bangkok. I think if you are short on time, just visit JJ Market and Platinum will do. Point to note is that there’s 2 Platinum Mall. The first one which is located nearer to the bridge if you walk over from Chilom sells mainly shoes and bags though there are clothes as well. The second platinum sells mostly clothes and accessories.

After my bad experience with Bangkok’s shoes, I decided not to get any this time round. So we went straight to the 2nd mall.

BTS: Chitlom

Siam Square Night Market

This is also another must go place! But FOL that we went Som Tam Nua on Monday night and the night market is not open. We only realised after that that it’s closed on Mondays. I was under the impression that it only opens on weekends night cause the last time I went was on a Saturday.

13847308-night-market-1-at-siam-square-bangkok-thailand 13847306-night-market-2-at-siam-square-bangkok-thailand
Lots of good buys at a bargain! It’s different from Siam Square okay! Siam Square damn ex.

BTS: Siam

And the few places that I wanted to go but didn’t are Pratunum, Union Mall, Chinatown and Chocolate Ville. Next time then. No intention to visit Patpong caused I heard too many horror stories of my friends being extorted. Plus I’m not very interested in trannies who are prettier than me. Cheh~


Ending off with a photo of Mr Gan that I took.


  1. Thanks for yr blog it was intersting and informative. I hv not been to Siam Square nite market and intend to on my next trip in Sept 2013. Which train line is nearer ? Is it near pratinum mall?

    If i get down from mo chit station at chatuchak, is it far from the section 2 and 3?
    Thank you

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