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Cingjing 清境農場 Part 2 of 2 - 青青草原 Green Green Grassland, Taiwan Travel


Continuing on from where I left off previously, this post will cover what we did in Cingjing 清境農場, where we visited the Green Green Grassland 青青草原, and watched the sheep show .

So immediately after reaching Starry Minsu, all of us proceeded to change into something warmer, which wasn't exactly very warm. We didn’t expect the temperature at Cingjing to be below 13 degrees when we go. We were expecting it to be 18-20 degrees. (Many thanks to the iphone weather forecast. Damn not accurate please. Condemned.) So yup, cold us.

The Minsu’s owner gave us a short introduction to the various attractions around Cingjing, what we can see, how we should walk, and the location for them to pick us up later. As mentioned previously, Starry Minsu fetches their customer to the attractions at the start of the day, and back to the Minsu in the evening. 

So after we were done changing, he drove us down to Green Green Grassland 青青草原 where we can walk downhill, towards the direction of small swiss garden 清境小瑞士花園.


With the youth travel card, the entry ticket to Green Green Grassland is 100NT. Without, it will be 200NT.

 First sighting of the mist


Which got thicker by the minute. ._.


Getting out hands chopped!


Looks like some drama scene where the deity is going to appear anytime soon right.

 HAHAHA. Sorry got to black out you all cause the meh’s the star. 

Also apparently, I’m the only one excited about sheep. Cheryl and Yuzhi are both afraid of sheep and chenshuang is just nonchalent towards it. Whattt.


Me saw meh episode 1


Me chased after meh


Me took photo with meh

 So cute!! The sheep’s not bad either.


Loving the mist


The thing I learnt from my Genting trip: When feeling cold, eat ice-cream. HAHAHA damn sadist but shiok. Successfully psycho-ed chenshuang and yuzhi to eat as well. And that was the start of our eat 1-2 ice-cream a day in Taiwan stunt. Damn fat now.


Yuzhi took the sheep/goat/lamb’s milk ice-cream which has an aftertaste that reminds me of Indian Curry


These were the best ice-cream of the trip! Damn yummy!



The mist was so thick that these photos are almost like studio shot


I look like the deity that appeared. HAHAHAHA.

The horses graced us with the fragrance of their faeces. Nice.

And after this point in time, it was the start of the pms weather. Where it rained and stopped and rained and stopped and rained indefinitely.


Me saw meh episode 2


Me took photo with meh

 Me chased after meh. Can’t remember what made me so happy.

Then it started to rain again. So we decided to take shelter and have our lunch. At first we were still wondering where to have our lunch, then we saw this place near the bottom entrance of Green Green Grassland. 


Bamboo shoot and mushroom soup


Bamboo shoot rice


Assorted plate of sausages, tofu, FenChang (I have no idea what it’s called in English, rice sausages maybe?), bamboo shoots and one other thing I forgot. All tasted good except for the tofu which was erm weird.


DangGui Egg with no DangGui taste which the boss recommended. Still nice though. You will seldom find food that’s not nice in Taiwan!


Continuing our journey downhill.

Taking photo with this mini windmill because of the sheep in the middle. I thought it was Lambo from Reborn! I was asking them is it Lambo then I realised, they don’t read manga. Wrong group of friends. Hahha. In case you are wondering, this is lambo.


And yes that is not Lambo. LOL. Just occurred to me that Lambo is a cow. Oops. That’s XiYangYang (we found out after a few days in Taiwan)


And the most decent photo in Cingjing, where the mist decided to take a break, so did the rain. 


And this should be the Cingjing we experience there!


If the weather was like this all the way, I think we will be damn happy.


Another photo of the rolling hill. It’s really very pretty minus the mist and rain!


Feeling jumpy caused the sun actually came out to say hi! 


And we visited this place where they showed us how honey is retrieved from the comb, much to the horror of my friends. HAHAH. Cause we got to walk through a lot of bees. 


Spinning the honeycombs


We tasted the honey straight from the pipe! Very nice! But we didn’t buy it cause it will be crazy to add that amount of weight to our luggage. If you like you can buy it there cause it’s really cheaper compared to say at Hualian or Taichung.


And that’s a bee carrying a pollen, and the uncle's super long nail *gasps*


Back to the main arena to catch the sheep show! The sheep show is only available on weekends and there’s 2 shows each day. 1 at 9+am the other at 2.30pm. Obviously we caught the 2.30pm show cause we only reached Cingjing at 11+. Heard that in July or something, there will be sheep shows everyday. Not too sure though, don't quote me!

We were quite lucky to be able to catch the show cause they will cancel the show if the weather is too bad. 


At around 2pm it was still raining very heavily and we were like retards sitting in the rain waiting and hoping. Thank god the rain stopped at 2.30pm. 

The show is pretty interesting! Like they show how the dog led the herd down the hill to the stage, disperse the herd into the audience and later guide them back, and ended off with sheep shearing. (Though the sheep being sheared was quite poor thing cause the shearer kept playing with its limbs and what’s not. Lol.)


The said guy


and him shearing the sheep which looks more like an act of slaughtering  


Bald mehs


One camwhore shot of us with the greens behind when the mist cleared (for a min)


Hairy mehs

After the sheep show, we began our journey downhill, heading towards the direction of small swiss garden.
And that’s where the horror began. 

The rain suddenly became damn big and it didn’t stop. We hopped from shelters to shelters but still ended up drenched. Completely. The wind was also not helping, it was sooo strong that my brolly flew away. Ok kidding, that didn't happen. But the wind was indeed strong. At that moment, it really felt like we were in ... Survivor.

Already quite pathetic (drenched and feeling cold), we actually reached the 499 steps trail. @.@ And we have to walk down the 499 steps to get to the main road.

499 steps

In case you don’t know, 499 steps trail is a super longggg staircase with 499 steps, and it looks like this.

If under normal weather condition, and we were not drenched and shivering, climbing it would be perfectly fine, if not even fun. But when you are already feeling so pathetic, seeing this is like a wth moment. The Chinese name for the 499 steps trail is 歩歩高升. In our case, I think it’s more like 步步惊心.

Feeling damn pathetic by the time we reached the bottom of the 499 steps, we went into the convenience store at the European town (Where there’s lots of food, and where Misty Minsu is I think) and immediately call the Minsu boss to fetch us back to the Minsu where we bathed and had our yummy dinner. :D Mood instantly changed.

So yup. We didn’t visit the small swiss garden 清境小瑞士花園 cause we were in a shitty mood by then. So better pray no rain when you visit Cingjing!

cingjing map jane

Ending this post with a map of Cingjing, where the circled place is my minsu, the top cross is where we started at Green Green Grassland, and the lower cross is where we ended of journey. You can find out more information about Cingjing from their website!

I think the most common question is whether there's a need to hire a driver in Cingjing. Personally I feel there's no need because the attractions are pretty near each other and is walkable. But if you are intending to travel a bit more, like say go down to puli area, or go further uphill for hotspring, then maybe yes.

Sidenote: When I get rich, I will stay at The Old England Manor, 老英格蘭民宿.

So nice @.@

Okie next post will be on Hualien already!

You are now reading Part 2 of Cingjing, continue reading!
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