Saturday, May 04, 2013

That’s a fake facebook account!

I never expect that I will have a doppelganger in my life. Like it only happens to popular and famous people right? Guess I just fell into that category. HAHAHAHA. Kidding kidding.

So this morning, I awoke to this whatsapp image from my friend.


And her accompanying comment was, “eh Jane Tan! Why you wanna blame PAP?”

To which I responded,”Hahahhaha wtf” 

The reason why I responded that way is simple. Firstly there are millions of Jane Tan in the world. So much so that whenever a new friend of mine say,”I will find you on facebook”, I will respond with a,” Enjoy!”. If you don’t believe you can try searching for my account on facebook. Most likely you won’t be able to find it. So I won’t be surprise that there is actually a Jane Tan commenting on NTU confession.

Secondly, I’m not even a fan of NTU confessions. To be honest I find it lame except for the occasional smart, witty and funny confessions shared/liked by my friends. And the only time I ever commented on confession is to stand up for my friend who also got sabo-ed. (We suspect it’s the same person)

Thirdly, I don’t share my inner views, at least not on social media. Especially on topics like religion, race and politics. No matter how much I agree or disagree with whoever said what, it’s not me to show my stance although I might have one. 

So I merely brushed it off and went about doing what I do when I wake up.

Then I came back to my friend telling me this and the accompanying images.


Got to protect my friend.


Indeed. I won’t make such degrading comments about females.


And those are the few statuses that "Jane" commented on amongst others. 

The first thought that came to my mind was,”Are you serious? Are you pranking me?” Hahahhaha. Cause a few days back I just pranked my friend, and this might be a comeback by her. Who knows right?

But I realised it’s not. 

So apparently, someone Jia Ba Bo Sai Pang and went to create a fake facebook account of me, complete with my display pic and coverpic. (Y). And let's not forget that the someone got to first create a new email and verify that facebook account. Exams over? GPA already very low that's why don't need study? 

So I told sauces and Mr Gan and they proceeded to report the account, and I clarified it on one of the confession status (that bitch commented on many threads).


Mysteriously all the posts by "Jane" are gone and I can’t show you all what else she wrote. To say the truth, I didn’t even read through the posts that "Jane" posted nor the thread it was posted on. I merely clicked on the link provided by my friend and clarified that it wasn’t me. Such a waste. And oh I hope you constipate too. Damn, forgot to add that in.

And I would like to thank all my friends for their support! So touched by their support. *Mua*

I’m not sure whether the account is deleted or whether there will be anymore fake accounts, but I guess I have to accept that … 

I am now… 



Edit// So I just realised that the account wasn't deleted previously, but the imposter just decided to delete all the posts and blocked me. Smart move smart move.

And the imposter created the account on 23 april and shared the exact same SIA link I shared with the exact wordings. Got to give it to him/her. *insert claps*

Hi imposter, I wanna play a game :) *inserts jigsaw voice*

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