Wednesday, April 03, 2013

My NBS life is coming to an end

The other day, I saw a tweet by one of my friends saying that she has 8 more days in school before she officially graduates from NBS. So curiously, I counted mine. I have another 7 days of school and 3 days of exams. THAT’S FAST! My last paper is going to be on May 8! And I will be off to Taiwan on the 11!!  *Skips around happily* I have lost all forms of motivation for studying since year 2 sem 2. Can’t wait to graduate. So glad I didn’t apply for double degree back then, else it would be another year of torture. Lessons nowadays are spent talking to my friends about our grad trip and eating.

Speaking of which, I just completed my 3000 words essay on media and politics. HAHAHA. Weird elective I chose right! But I have no choice. It’s the only 4AUs elective available which is not too xiong. I die also don’t want to take a business module after dropping my second spec!! Noooooo! So media and politics it is. It was a freestyle essay and I chose China as a focus. 


Random photos of siewpig and I


Of siewpig, yumei and I


and of siewpig, cherlene and I


And I started the whole nail painting thing again.


And this is my current nails. Trying to create a galaxy look but erm. HAHAHA.

Over the weekends, I went Gardens by the Bay with Mr Gan and his parents. It was meh. Once again shows that I’m not a flower person. We took a lot of photos of the flowers though. But I find it abit ._. The day before I was browsing photos of gardens by the bay on instagram ( I like to do this anyway!) and I was telling Mr Gan, a lot of photos of flowers, very boring. They should make the dome like a bed of flowers/ replicate how it will look like in the wild! Like it would be great if I can walk on sands and Hey! Cactus! Next to me! And not Hey! Cactus! what’s this? a wall? 


This was the crowd that day. Don’t go on weekends! 


This was my ootd! 


Featuring my side pony. HAHAHA.


My ootd for school!


And this is how I look like when I’m in school. 

That’s all! The next post would prolly be my birthday! Gotta think of where to eat for my birthday!

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