Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I celebrated me 22nd Birthday

So I’m finally 22nd last Friday! Nothing much to be happy/unhappy about being 22 actually. Ok nothing fascinating about birthday actually. My birthday is always in the midst of examinations/preparation for examinations. It’s okay! This will be the last year since I’m graduating! WHEEEEEE!

So to celebrate my birthday, I had dinner with my family at Soup Restaurant Changi Airport last Friday! If you realised, we always go to the airport. Hahhaha. Because parking is so much easier there and it’s freaking near our house. Plus airport is generally quite child friend, so good for Joash!


If anyone is interested, this was my #ootd that day. Dress from LoveBonito and heels from Aldo. And needless to say photos by Mr Gan’s awesome DSLR



This is one of my favourite canned food :S Hhahahhaa cheap tongue i have.


While waiting for the food to arrived, we took some photos to kill time. Joash so handsome!


Joash seems to not moved at all.


So after you scrolled up to compare the 2 photos,  here’s me with the famous amos cookies my sister got me. Which I already finished. HAHAHA

And the present I got from my other sister.

Here’s Mr Gan in the riverisland shirt I got for him! 


And him being forced to take such a photo with me. HAHAHA


The signature Soup Restaurant Samsui Chicken. To be wrapped with the cabbage and eaten with the ginger-garlic mix which I obviously didn’t take. Hhahahhaa. Can’t emphasize how much I hate ginger. There’s a reason why it’s their signature dish. 


Their in house tofu which we all agreed is very nice. Joash included. I think it’s their sauce. 

And hiding behind the tofu is the soup. What’s Soup Restaurant without soup?! But many of their soups were out of stock by the time we reached. ._. Bad restaurant management.  In the end my sisters  make do with some tonic soup which turned out to be not nice and forced me to take it. okay…. It’s okie… I’m used to taking weird tonic.


The supposingly Broccoli with scallop, but I guess it’s deemed as Scallop with broccoli. Poor Broccoli outshone by her supporting ingredient.


Mehish sweet and sour pork. The bestest sweet and sour pork I have ever eaten was from Geylang when I was young. I don’t think it’s still there. Still searching for the next best sweet and sour pork. Most of the time the sweet and sour pork is either too fatty or too tough. The best ones should be crispy!




Mango Moose cake that Mr Gan got from Bakerzin! Refreshing and not too heavy! Joash eyeing the cake.


Holding on to the nephew’s hands because he keeps reaching for the cake.


Gwiyomi! Hhahahaha


The last one with Mr Gan! He whom accompanied me to NTU for my 5 mins oral exam that day after his morning papers! My hair cmi by then.


Ok here’s me and my hair in the morning to neutralise the image of the flat and limpy hair. 

Thereafter I had another celebration with Mr Gan alone.


My ootd that day. HAHAHHA. 


Super ghastly photo of me on the left. HAHAHAHA. But it’s okie, I’m seldom (never) that fair, so I can be fair for once. Plus my hair seldom set so nicely. Mr Gan drove to my place to pick me up that day! So great! We went Dempsey so having a car was damn convenient!


Hoped into Roadhouse and the place was super not crowded at all. Not sure whether is it not nice or this is just the norm in Dempsey. Regardless, I like the deserted-ness. 

And if you find these series of photos rather familiar, you are probably right. The photos taken for my previous post were all taken on that day. HAHAHAH. 


STEAK. Mr Gan and I loveeeeeeeee eating steak. So often than not, steak will be one of our orders whenever we visit places which serve steak. I think we deserve a beginner badges. AHHAHAHA. Still beginner cause we haven’t really tried that many steaks in our opinion. And it was until recently that we started to take photos of the food we eat. (Started in Taiwan because my face is getting boring. HAHAHA. And food is more photogenic than me. tmd) So many of the steaks we ate in the past were just gobbled down. Hahahha. Even now we have to constantly remind each other to take photos cause we will forget. I will contemplate having a column in my blog to rank the steaks we eat okie! 

Anyway roadhouse steak has a nice taste, but the meat is tough and it’s burnt on some areas. . According to Mr Gan, Jack’s place serves the nicest economical steak. Which I beg to differ. I think it’s pretty meh. But we both agree that Morton’s Steakhouse and Marriot’s beefs are the nicest. We only tried Morton’s beef sandwich at their bar and Marriot’s beef during their buffet. And of course Japan’s Wagyu beef. HAHAHAH. 


Beef Lasagne. Too watery and bland. 


Thereafter we drove to ECP since it was on the way home. Went to the hawker centre there to eat somemore. HAHAHAH. Kidding kidding. Went for some refreshment. And ordered this coconut which is so bland ._. Either that or something is wrong with my tastebud which I doubt so, so confirm is the coconut. I was telling Mr Gan that the Thailand coconut I normally drink is very sweet! So we concluded that this coconut must be Singapore coconut.
Few days later, I went to celebrate my birthday together with Cindy’s birthday at Orchard Hotel.


My date of the day


She-who-ate-3-plates-of-salmon. She-who-is-so-skinny. Sorry my iphone can’t capture the glory of the salmon. It’s surprisingly fresh and it’s cut as per request! Don’t understand when some restaurant leave their salmon in the air.


Stars of the day! Friends for *counts* 15 years! Knew each other in primary 1 where we took the same school bus to school, but officially friends in primary 2 after we were assigned to sit beside each other in class! Fate! Thereafter we were in the same class and CCA all the way to primary 6! So glad and lucky we are still close now!


It was a short meet up because I got to head home to study for my paper. Yes people, despite me being so slack, I still studied pretty hard last week because the paper is my accounting core and I didn’t do any tutorial for the whole semester. Although getting a D and A wouldn’t make any difference to my class, I didn’t want a D to taint my transcript. 

So long! The next post would be after my Taiwan trip I guess! Unless I have some interesting things to post along the way! Ok maybe next week I will cough up one.

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