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How to deal with annoying salesperson

Today I’m going to teach you how to handle annoying/persistent salesperson. I think most of my friends know that I’m an extremely hard to convince person. So most of the time, sales tactics don’t work on me unless I’m truly interested in it in the first place.


I’m highly motivated to write this post because I’m surrounded by people who are easily swayed/find it hard to reject people. MY MUM especially. My mum is the nicest person I have ever seen (Much to my annoyance). She always donates to cans, buys tissues from uncles and on rare occasions when she rejects buying something, she will say sorry. So when she’s out with me, I will be like “NO.” to whoever who attempts to approach my mum. YOU DON’T TOUCH MY MUM!! (SUPER PROTECTIVE DAUGHTER). The runner up is unfortunately my sister. ._. Seriously, it's the genes!!! But luckily after she met her husband, she is now better. Prior to that I will be like “NO.” to whoever who tried to approach her too. (SUPER PROTECTIVE SISTER).  Second runner up used to be my best friend Cindy, but being a nurse changed her so that’s good. Thank god. 

I myself experienced a fair share of annoying sale people/ donation groups/ suspected conster/call center promoter. Let me share with you some stories of mine before teaching you how to deal with them.


Let’s talk about consters. I used to think that they only appear on street, but one fine day, someone actually came knocking on my door! They have evolved! This 30+ uncle actually claimed that his daughter was injured at the playground and he required money for medical aid and that he lives at my block level 7 or something and would like to borrow $300 first because he got no key home, he couldn’t contact his wife and he’s in need of help. 


So firstly, I would like to thank god that I’m the one who answered the door and not my mum. I mean this story is actually quite convincing. BUT I’M NOT CONVINCED. Firstly I never see you before in my entire life of 13 years staying there. Secondly, let say you really stay on the 7th floor and it is just unfortunate that I never see you before, you should perhaps borrow money from your 7th floor neighbours? There are 12 households on that level and 3 direct neighbours, I’m sure they will know who you are. Thirdly, I’m sure hospitals and clinics will attend to your daughter first before asking you for payment. So in all your arguments are invalid.

Seriously speaking, if your daughter is so injured, who will come knocking on people’s door to borrow money? Of course is to rush her to hospital or clinic first right? You mean if you daughter get into a car accident you will go knocking on people’s car to borrow money because you have no money for treatment? Ridiculous. So after I rejected him (I forgot how) he went straight to the lift. Shouldn’t you try knocking on my neighbours’ doors if you are desperate. CHEH~ And I hope you go to hell for trying to con people and wishing misfortune upon your daughter(that is if you even have one). And to all consters, I hope you will be poor for your entire life. 

Sales Promoters

So far I only encounter 1 very persistent team (Yup that’s right TEAM) of sale people at a hair salon in PlazaSing after buying from a deal website. Hair Exchange is it? As in it’s expected from service lines, but they are the best. I’m very okay with dealing with persistent sales people, but theirs involved a bit of scam. 

So I finished my hair treatment and just nice it was lantern festival. They told me they have a special draw to win an ipad and treatment vouchers. I was like,”Really? I see, that’s great!”  but in my mind I was like,”YOU SURE NOT? SO GOOD MEH?” So I picked a lantern and viola! I won a $399 treatment voucher! Must be my super lucky day, not. Here comes the persistent sales message. So they said things like it’s the highest sales voucher cause they rest is only $199 and $299 and yesterday someone won $199 only but signed up for the $1000+ package. It’s really very worth it, and only for today. FYI normally those people who say ONLY FOR THAT DAY. 100% fake. I was there on two occasions, said the same thing, but they tried the same tactic on me. Anyway I was not impressed but just said ,”No thanks, I have no money” Then they proceed to introduce me to cheaper package which I assume the voucher won’t be valid. But still I say that I have no money. 

They had no choice but to let me go, albeit with chao bin. Who cares about their chao bin. Then the discovery of the scam. Another customer apparently won the $399 voucher too! WOW! SUCH A COINCIDENT! That’s when I realised the lucky dip is just a scam. Anyway that’s illegal Hair Exchange, if you ever read this. A simple audit will probably settle such scams. 

Call center

Ok actually promotion over the phone is not even a concern because they are too easy to reject. Just hand up the call? How hard can it be? But there are 2 incidents I would like to highlight. Both are funny. 

So I received this call from I don’t remember where, and the call center person was reading off a script. So I said, “Hi”, left my phone on my bed and let her do her talking, and proceeded to do my make up. The phone wasn’t on speaker, I just sort of let her talk to herself and later hand up on her own accord. HAHAHAH. And this was inspired by what Mr Gan did previously.
So he received this call from a call center as well. She began reading off the speech after Mr Gan said “Hi”. So Mr Gan left the phone on his bed and picked it up like a minute or so later when he heard the person said, “Hello? Hello Mister?”. Mr Gan said, “I’m sorry I didn’t catch what you said, can you repeat?” And so the process repeated. HAHAHAHHA. And finally the conversation ended with Mr Gan saying,” Oh I think you got the wrong number.”  HAHAHHAHA 

Ok enough of stories.

The most common emotions experienced after being conned into purchasing something are regret, upset and angry with themselves. Thereafter the complaining to girlfriends process will ensue. I’m very ok with listening to complains, but I will feel very unjustified for them. Hi my fellow kind hearted readers, time to learn some tricks. Especially with all the deals website, donations and consters around, it is very important.

Being approached on the street

1. Don’t ever land yourself in the situation in the first place


This applies mainly to sale people you see on the street. DON’T BOTHER TALKING TO THEM.  I know it’s mean, but a simple smile and waving of your hands/shaking of the head will make it slightly nicer. It’s their job, they can deal with it, else they should change a job. Don’t say, “Erm I’m not really interested” or “I try before but I don’t like it”. I know you people are always very nice and want to give people a chance. But what you are doing here is actually giving them a chance to strike up a conversation with you! And the thing with listening to their nonsense is an increase obligation to commit to whatever they are promoting. It’s just human nature. So just don’t bother. If you can, just avoid being approached in the first place. Pretend to talk on your phone or just give a Chao Bin. Yup Chao Bin should work. The meanest thing I ever said was “F off” cause I was in such a bad mood and the person just keeps following me and rambling off. So yea nothing could be meaner than that.

2. Getting out of the situation


So let’s say unfortunately you forgot about point 1 (WHY!??) and you started a conversation with the sale person. How do we get out of the situation? You must try to end the conversation fast. Like I said, the longer the conversation, the higher the obligation. I can safely assume that if you even get into this situation, you are Mr/Miss Nice. So mean tactics would be hard for you. So nice tactics then. 

Here are a few things you can say
1. My sister is also a insurance agent/ selling credit cards
2. I have no money :( *frowns* sorry and walks away
3. If you have the time, you can entertain them. But highly not recommended for people of nice nature. If you are someone like me, then maybe you can try this. Keep questioning them about whatever they are selling until they are sian/couldn’t answer your question. Then you can just walk away. 

Dealing with sales promoter from salons

 So you bought this massage/hair/nails/slimming voucher on deals website and is going to redeem it but you know you got to face persistent sale person. HOW? 

1. Leave your credit card at home. With no credit card, no matter how much they want you to sign up for their $1000 package there’s no way. Or pretend you never bring your card.

2. Say you have no money. Then they will proceed to sell you the cheaper ones. Just say no money. Aiya just don’t bring your card. (Point 1)

3. Or if you have a next treatment, just say you will think about it. Then they will say it’s only valid for today, then just say “it’s okay I will give it a miss”.

4. Use your phone to play candy crush to show your annoyance and disinterest.


5. To much of our annoyance, sale people like to criticise our face/hair/whatever you are doing and make it sounds like you are hopeless. Your face is so oily and pimply and whatever whatever, if you don’t do this and this now it will get worse and you won’t be able to salvage it in the future and that’s the end of the world. Super rude. No need for you to be nice. Ask them,"Did you do the same treatment?” “How come your face/hair/whatever still so bad?”


6. HAHAHA. Here’s a last one which I thought out recently. Counter-promote. 


Pretend that you are a insurance agent and sell them your insurance. “If I buy the package from you, you buy my insurance? I’m a insurance agent. :)” Haven’t tried this yet. Cause the few in front are sufficient. But I think this is genius. Don’t you think so?

7. And newly contributed by my eldest sister. Pretend you have TB and keep coughing. They should keep away.

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