Saturday, March 02, 2013

Taiwan trip in may & CNY 2013

As crazy as it may sound, I’m going Taiwan yet again in May! This time round I’m going with 3 of my JC friends!! It’s going to be a 10 days trip and we are covering

Cingjing 清境農場 > Hualien 花蓮市> Kenting 墾丁 > Kaohsiung 高雄 > Taichung 台中> Taipei 台北

Sounds very rush but not really actually, cause some places are merely stopover!

It’s like a refresher Chinese course for me, having to type all the emails in Chinese characters. My friend told me that they will take longer to reply English emails. Yay to being bilingual, and soon-to-be Trilingual (Japanese). 

I don’t know about others, but I really love planning for trip! Much of the excitement and happiness are derived from the planning process! I’m also going to start learning photography, so I can take really nice photos this time round!

The only disappointing thing so far is the weather. I didn’t know that it will be rainy in Taiwan during May! I really hope it will be sunny throughout! I don’t mind the sweat and heat and all!

Anyway as mentioned, I have been really slacky these few days/weeks/months. I have a school assignment to complete now though, plus the planning of Taiwan trip, and I just borrowed some books (HAHAHA I really did!), I think my life won’t just revolves around candy crush anymore. I sort of stopped anyway. STUCKED AT A LEVEL! 161 or something.

Anyway I know this was long ago, but here’s my Chinese New Year 2013. HAHAHA.

Chinese New Year 2013

Truth be told, I generally don’t like Chinese New Year. I only enjoy the reunion dinner on the eve of CNY because there’s A LOT of food and all my cousins are there! For CNY itself it’s very boring. It used to be EVEN MORE boring because my sisters will leave early to go to their then boyfriend’s, now husband’s house and what’s not, leaving me the only young cousin (the other cousins are 30s+) at my aunt's place. With no iphone then, I can only stone. I can’t even go home because I used to stay at woodlands and my aunt house is in Simei. But ever since I have my own boyfriend, I will just go over to Mr Gan’s house when my sisters left for theirs. Open-mouthed smile Not so boring anymore! YAY! 

Every CNY is very tiring for me. Got to wake up at 8am @.@, prepare and leave the house for visiting. This year I woke up earlier to prepare the niangao, sweet potatoe and yam combi for my family! (Actually is I want to eat, HAHAHA)


Here’s my ootd, taken not at my place. HAHAHA.
Top from online, skirt and shoes from Taiwan at $10 each only!


Here’s another shot


Coincidentally, my sister wore a similar set as me







And Baby Joash was(still is) very cute that day!


Featuring Joash and his Ching Chong Chiang costume


My very happy parents with their grandson.
Joash with his default look.


My sister and her husband. Me has angbao from them! HAHAHA


Joash with his imaginary oranges 


My daddy looks exceptionally happy!


Typical shots with Joash. Only 1 will be successful 


My second sister can always make Joash super happy! And make us happy also. HAHAHA


Happy Family!

And that’s it for Chuyi!

Plus on the eve of eve, we went to Crystal Jade -  Changi Airport for our yearly traditional dinner!
Featuring the same people again!





Happy family 2!


More of Joash!


Ending off with a super happy Joash

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