Saturday, February 16, 2013

4 years together

And on this day, we chose to eat Italian food!


@ Pasta Brava


It’s a nice cosy, albeit somewhat dark place




Small photos because the photos are very blur HAHAHA

Thereafter we dropped by a cafe for waffles! 


Mr Gan!


And apparently the cafe sells furniture AHAHHA 


So I guess if you are interested in vintage furniture you can drop by there


Almond, Chocolate, Banana


Pretty meh. And they serve magnolia ice cream.. WHUTT


Nonetheless we spent quite a while there


Flower that he got from school LOL

So I told him not to get flowers this year for me because the flowers he got for me last year died within a week. @.@ I found it saddening to throw it away afterwards :O  so nah~ told him to invest the money in something lasting and he got me a pair of earrings :D Just nice cause I have very sensitive skins and is in need of good earrings!


And I made him something!


There’s still one more big frame where the work is. HAHAHA. These are just photos I printed out to frame up to give him so there will be my face in his room. YEA~
When he framed it up I will take a photo!

Anyway, since our anniversary is one day after valentine’s (You can ask him why), we normally will just celebrate on one day. Last year we celebrated on valentine’s and it was horrible :O The crowd was so massive that I didn’t even get to eat my ice-cream. So this year we decided to just celebrate on 15th. :) He still surprised me at my house on valentine's after his school! :D We weren't planning to meet up!

Happy 4 years! :) More to come!


And happy belated valentines to all!

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