Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ion orchard

Yesterday I met up with Cindy because it is her recess week! And for me? Every week is recess week! HAHAHA. Seriously too slack. I think I will be getting some books to read so I won’t keep playing candy crush and plants vs zombies. Oh ya if you don’t already know, PVZ is/was free on iphone and ipad! I don’t know if it is still free though!




This was my initial ootd! (Initial cause thereafter I changed it to mitchymatchy cindy)

Anyway the top is a self-morphed top from a old dress. HAHAHAH. DIY! Shows that I’m damn slacky. But it’s really easy with sewing machine!


Went to Ion orchard because I wanted to buy shorts. But the shorts I wanted are no longer sold T.T. As usual, went to eat instead. HAHAHA I damn slacky when I go out. I like to sit down and chill. As weird as it might sound, we ate dinner at 5.30pm HAHAHA. Chose itacho sushi because it’s highly raved and the price looks reasonable. (Cindy is saving money for her Europe trip!)


Cindy’s unagi うなぎscramble egg don. HAHAHA Japanese cause I’m learning Japanese!


And here’s my shao rou fan. HAHAHHAHA. kidding. I instagramed this and my friend told me that it looks like shao rou fan. I concurred. It’s Teriyaki Chicken. Wasn’t my choice, but we sort of wrote the wrong number on the paper. Our bad. HAAHAH

It’s really nice! Ok I can’t write food review for nuts, but I think it’s really nice! You know how some chicken will have this really chicken taste which I hate, but this doesn’t. And the carrot is nice. HAHAHA. Oh ya actually what is really nice there is their sushi. But it’s really expensive! Per plate is $8+ and only comes in 1. Not a pair, but 1.

To 15 years of friendship! Know her since primary 1, and I think she hates me then cause I’m damn chatty. Still chatty now but she learnt to accept the reality. HAHAHAH

Thereafter we walked for awhile and went to starbucks and chill and talk about life. That’s us! HAHAHA.


Went home and instagramed this. Clockwise from left, cheerleader, school student and tsunami victim. Moral of the story: Your ponytail’s height matters. AHHAHA. So tie higher is better but not too high luh! Else you will look like ah siao. HAHHA

And here are some random updates from my phone/instagram

Bought a new lipstick and kept using it


Random looks of the day


Donated blood and hopefully helped someone!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

4 years together

And on this day, we chose to eat Italian food!


@ Pasta Brava


It’s a nice cosy, albeit somewhat dark place




Small photos because the photos are very blur HAHAHA

Thereafter we dropped by a cafe for waffles! 


Mr Gan!


And apparently the cafe sells furniture AHAHHA 


So I guess if you are interested in vintage furniture you can drop by there


Almond, Chocolate, Banana


Pretty meh. And they serve magnolia ice cream.. WHUTT


Nonetheless we spent quite a while there


Flower that he got from school LOL

So I told him not to get flowers this year for me because the flowers he got for me last year died within a week. @.@ I found it saddening to throw it away afterwards :O  so nah~ told him to invest the money in something lasting and he got me a pair of earrings :D Just nice cause I have very sensitive skins and is in need of good earrings!


And I made him something!


There’s still one more big frame where the work is. HAHAHA. These are just photos I printed out to frame up to give him so there will be my face in his room. YEA~
When he framed it up I will take a photo!

Anyway, since our anniversary is one day after valentine’s (You can ask him why), we normally will just celebrate on one day. Last year we celebrated on valentine’s and it was horrible :O The crowd was so massive that I didn’t even get to eat my ice-cream. So this year we decided to just celebrate on 15th. :) He still surprised me at my house on valentine's after his school! :D We weren't planning to meet up!

Happy 4 years! :) More to come!


And happy belated valentines to all!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Taiwan 8 days trip–Day6,7,8! (台中Taichung-新社Xinshe- 新社菇神 Xinshe Gushen - 古堡花園 Summit resort - 纸箱故事官 Carton King)

台中Taichung 新社Xinshe 古堡花園 Summit resort

Day 6
Continuing on from my previous post about Taiwan, Taichung - Xinshe.

So after exploring Lavender Cottage, we were massively hungry. Okay actually I wasn’t because I lost all my appetite to the motion sickness, but Mr Gan was. Anyway to clarify! I'm the type who gets motion sickness from long bumpy car rides easily. So normal people won’t be affected like Mr Gan. HAHAHA. But if you are prone to it as well, then I guess you can take some pills beforehand!

Here’s another perk of hiring a cab, he will know where to bring you for lunch and you don’t have to put up with the crappy yet expensive food inside Xinshe. And the cabbie brought us to 新社菇神 xinshe gushen.

新社菇神 Xinshe Gushen

台中Taichung 新社Xinshe 新社菇神 Xinshe Gushen

It’s a place which serves hotpot with mushroom as the main ingredient. Friends will know that I don’t really fancy hotpot/steamboat very much. BUT THIS IS REALLY VERY NICE! The soup base is the best! There are many mushroom hotpot restaurants around the outskirts of xinshe, but since I only been to this, I can guarantee that you will like it! 

台中Taichung 新社Xinshe 新社菇神 Xinshe Gushen

Very quiet and peaceful lunch

台中Taichung 新社Xinshe 新社菇神 Xinshe Gushen

It also has fantastic view since it’s at the edge of the hill

台中Taichung 新社Xinshe 新社菇神 Xinshe Gushen

2 person set lunch with beef shabu-shabu at only NT700+ (S$30+)

台中Taichung 新社Xinshe 新社菇神 Xinshe Gushen

The soup with many variation of mushrooms. 

 台中Taichung 新社Xinshe 新社菇神 Xinshe Gushen

The vegetables. Oh ya the cabbage is very sweet!! I asked Mr Gan, Mr Gan’s mum and mum why is it so but they also don’t know. Maybe it’s Taiwan. HAHAHA

  台中Taichung 新社Xinshe 新社菇神 Xinshe Gushen

MUSHROOMSS! I’m a mushroom lover!
台中Taichung 新社Xinshe 新社菇神 Xinshe Gushen

And the beef! I ate 1 and Mr Gan ate the rest.

台中Taichung 新社Xinshe 新社菇神 Xinshe Gushen

Mr Gan!

台中Taichung 新社Xinshe 新社菇神 Xinshe Gushen

Mr Gan was damn happy because he was trying to find a nice hotpot to eat at Fengjia Night Market the night before and didn’t manage to. So craving satisfied! Anyway I was very apprehensive prior to going there because I’m afraid they put ginger inside Confused smile But the taxi uncle assured me there isn’t ginger inside! So fellow ginger hater can rest assured and go there!

Happy and satisfied, we went on to our next destination,  古堡花園 the summit resort!

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

I got to say that this is really a very nice place! Although this place is sort of like manmade and unlike the European castles that have rich history to it,  it’s still a pretty interesting place to visit and take photos. And I forgot the admission fee to this place. 

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

The garden of the castle

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

HAHAHHA. I painstakingly picked up the maple leaves and throw them up many times.
All quite unnatural though. Ah well.

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

Beautiful fall colours! Most of the trees there are barren already though. 

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort


台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

Panorama view

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort


台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

Princess playing hide and seek around the castle… HAHAHAHHAHAHA

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

Oh yeah~ Welcome to Taiwan!

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

The restaurant

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

There’s a house at Mr Gan’s area that looks like this too!

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

The castle of English Chess! haha with beard.

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

ehhhhh….. sexay laydae~

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

Stairways to heaven :OOOOO HAHAHA

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

OH SO FLUFFY! Good weather!! 

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

Good good iphone front camera!

台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort


台中新社古堡花園 Summit resort

After that we went to our last destination, 纸箱故事官Carton King.

台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

This is the most boring place. Don’t bother going there I think. HHAAHA. Really boring! It’s just many things made of paper. But since we are there, we got to take some photos. Really regret not skipping this place all together and go see sunset. HAHAHA. 

台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

The entrance

台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

Paper ball

台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

Paper Rabbit

台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

Paper erm reindeer? 

台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

Paper what is this?

台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

Cardboard oink

SO BORING. See Mr Gan just skipped this all together. LOL
台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King


台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

Taipei 101

台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King


台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

Leaning Tower of Pisa
台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

Nicer at night!

台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

I just know this is a lighthouse but don’t know which famous lighthouse

台中新社纸箱故事官 Carton King

Tower which nezha was trapped in by his dad? HAHAHA #dramaaddict

And that pretty much sums up our xinshe adventure. After bringing us to buy taiyangbing, the taxi uncle sent us back to our minsu, and we rested awhile before heading off to FengJia Night Market again!

Day 7
Laya Burger Taichung Fengjia Night Market

Breakfast! Not my usual dressing style, but not bad right! HAHA

Laya Burger Taichung Fengjia Night Market

Since we were not in a rush, we sat down and slowly enjoy our breakfast!

Laya Burger Taichung Fengjia Night Market

Alfresco Style!

Laya Burger Taichung Fengjia Night Market

Wraps! Very nice! Taichung’s breakfast is quite different from taipei! Mostly burgers and wraps! But equally nice!

After which we checked out from our minsu and checked in to Cityinn hotel – Taichung branch. We took a cab there and the taxi brother is some basket person. Taxi Brother cause he’s around 30 and basket cause he’s really basket. Throughout the entire journey his topic is on how woman should learn how to keep one eye closes if her husband is fooling outside. And that is the success of his marriage. Wah Piang eh. TOTALLY DISGUSTED AND OFFENDED. So disrespectful to women. So that was a awful 15 mins taxi ride.

And Cityinn Taichung branch is yet another small room. @.@ Never going back there. But their staffs are very nice as usual.

So according to the Taxi uncle’s (Not the basket) recommendations, we went to National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.
Taichung National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

We spent like a few minutes in front of each art display trying very hard to understand what is it. Fruitless attempts. I guess we belong to the other spectrum of arts like drama, musical, production, music etc. We can’t appreciate fine arts.


Super sunny day! Sunny like Singapore, but only at 18 degrees! Nice!


Hee! I went to the toilet and took this photo for future reference. I like my toilet to have grey tiles!

Taichung National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Nice sky!

Taichung National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Nicer blue sky!

Taichung National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

It was a Saturday, so there were a lot of people! Saturday is a public holiday in Taiwan!

Taichung National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Food nearby

We explored the vicinity of the place and found this place for lunch!

Taichung National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Food Nearby

Our awesome pork rib lunch! YUMS!

After which we went to walk around, back to hotel and went to yizhong street at night! Not as big as Fengjia, but there are many food and clothes! And Mr Gan bought this authentic Onitsuka Tiger shoes for $$60! VERY Worth it!


And the next day is just back to Singapore :( I think inside Taichung city itself there isn't really much to do, either that or I didn't research enough. But if you have the time, you should go CingJing Farm to stay for a night. I saw the photos online and it's really very nice! We didn't know beforehand and it was the taxi uncle who told us. And if can get a taxi uncle to book the accommodation for you because it will be much much cheaper! You will also need a taxi to bring you there! So if you going in 4s and is not tight on cash, maybe you can do this!

Will definitely go Taiwan again!!! 

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