Saturday, January 05, 2013

New year, New Resolutions

The past few weeks I have been busy planning for my upcoming Taiwan trip, entertaining Joash and catching up with my life. Thus I sort of neglected my blog. I thought I should at least write my new year resolutions so I can refer back to it at the end of next year!!

The new year is a time for us to reflect on what happened during the previous year, and decide what we want to change/need to change. 2012 has been a fulfilling year for me. The most significant event for me and friends of my age is that all of us turned 21! Attended many birthday parties and had my own mini one at timbre. 

I don’t remember my school life being very remarkable/memorable. HAHAAH. Maybe because I didn’t participate as much compared to my previous year. Ah well. Being highly involved in school life wasn’t in my resolution anyway. Thereafter I embarked on my internship at Ernst & Young from May to July which was very enriching! Exchanged at SMU for the first semester of year 3 which is really a very good decision! Omg so awesome that I don’t feel like going back NTU T.T. NTU SO FAR. Sian. 

I also went overseas for the first time with Zhi an! And we are going for our second trip on Sunday!!! CAN’T WAIT!! My second sister got married! Finally I also went Genting with my friends. HAHAHA.

From the looks of it, my 2012 had not been very bombastic or anything. I guess because nothing very drastic happened. Revisiting my resolutions for 2012:

1) Better Health (I was plague with illness last year and it's very depressing and $$, so health very important!) (NO!! My health is definitely still quite bad)
2) Be a even even wonderful gf, friend, daughter, sister and AUNTY! (I think there is still room for improvement!!)
3) Enjoy my internship (Yes I did! It was wonderful! EY is a fun place!)
4) Maintain scholarship and possibly pull up my CAP (HAHAHAHA Maintained scholarship but I pull down my CAP)
5) Have 26 hours a day (Not too sure about this)6) Learn a new skill (I think sewing is interesting recently) (YES! I bought my sewing machine!)
7) Be happy and spread the joy (Not too bad I guess?)
8) Better memory. (I sure think so!)

2013 would be a year of change for me. My schooling days would officially come to an end in May and I would be embarking on the next phase of my life: My working career. I find that everything is happening too fast. I’m still not ready for work yet, although I’m pretty bored by schooling already. I hope I will make the right decision this coming year and not regret it.

For 2013, I hope
1) To nurse my health and not fall sick that often. This would of course involve changing my diet and exercise more. HAHAHA. The irony when I’m going Taiwan on Sunday and that’s not very healthy!In addition, I hope that my menstrual cramps would also ease in 2013! Not sure how I will go about doing this, maybe visit a gynaecologist or TCM practitioner Open-mouthed smile
2) To spend my money wisely. Focus more on quality and stuff that can last longer rather than cheap stuff that spoils easily. 
3) Be a wonderful girlfriend, friend, daughter, sister and Aunty.
4) Learn a new skill and read more books. I also hope that I can improve my languages.
5) Be happy and spread the joy
6) Have better time management
7) And finally, enjoy the next phase of my life.

I hope everyone will have a fulfilling year ahead and be happy in everything you do! xoxo

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