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Taiwan 8 days trip - Day2! ( 十分Shifen–饒河夜市Raohe Night Market)

台彎台北十分 Taiwan Taipei Shifen

Continuing on from my previous post on Taiwan Day 1, where I checked in into Cityinn Hotel and visited Shilin night market, I’m going to cover Taiwan Day 2 today! 

During day 2, we visited 十分(ShiFen) and also 饒河夜市(Raohe Night Market)!


Random photos of me. HAHAHAH. 

We left our hotel at around 10am, and because we didn’t plan breakfast for that day, we asked Cityinn’s receptionist for recommendation on local breakfast nearby! Go overseas must try their local breakfast! So they recommended this place called 四海豆浆大王 (Si Hai Dou Jiang) .

Taipei Main Station

Random scene outside our hotel. That building is a shopping mall connected to the subway! We grabbed starbucks from there during one of the super rainy night. More on that in subsequent post!

Opposite Cityinn Hotel

And opposite our hotel there’s McDonalds, KFC, beef noodles and 50Gang! Not a bad location if you need a late night fixed! 

The weather was still fine that morning. No rain, just gloomy. 

Jane Tan Taiwan Travel

Taiwan, TaipeiTaiwan, Taipei四海豆浆 (SiHaiDouJiang)

Passed by this building on our way to the breakfast place and we thought it was quite nice, hence the photos. HAHAHA. 

The following images are taken from Google.
四海豆浆 Si hai dou jiang

四海豆浆 Si hai dou jiang

台彎台北四海豆浆 Taiwan Taipei Si hai dou jiang

Anyway, this was our first meal in Taiwan and we spent quite some time looking at the menu that was hanged on the wall. Pretty interesting! In Taiwan, some of the eateries require you to pay first, while others let you settle your payment after your meal. So you can always ask them whether is it 先付款 (xian fu kuan).

四海豆浆 Si hai dou jiang

Showcasing random people at the breakfast place. The people seated at the table behind are Singaporeans! They talk in this uniquely Singaporeans way. HAHAHAH.

四海豆浆 Si hai dou jiang

We order doujiang, xiaolongbao and youtiao on the first day, because we don’t know what are the rest. HAHAHA. But we managed to try the other stuff from other places over the next few days. However we still don’t know why the doujiang is put in a bowl. If you know you can tell me!
Thereafter we proceeded with our itinerary that day to go Shifen!

十分 Shifen 

Much inspired by the movie 《那些年,我们一起追的女孩》(You are the apple of my eyes), we decided to release a sky lantern in Taiwan. So after researching about it, we realised that we can do so in Shifen! Initially we planned to visit a few stations along the Pinghsi line. But because we sort of left the hotel later, got lost a bit in Shifen and the day ending earlier in winter, we only get to visit Shifen. We also cancelled our Jiufen trip altogether. HAHAH. It was a Monday when we went and the crowd was quite alright!


Directions to Shifen

Getting to Shifen is rather easy.

1. Proceed to Taipei Main Station/Taipei Railway Station/Taipei HSR Station. These 3 stations, serving different lines, are all located at the same place.

2. Follow the signs in the underground stations to get to Taipei Railway Station (TRA).

3. Once you reached Taipei Railway Station, you can ask the workers how to get to RuiFang Station. They will tell you which train, at which platform and at what time will the train be arriving. Like how railway operates, trains have a fixed schedule. So you have to be on time for your train! You can use your easy card to travel on the TRA from Taipei Railway Station to RuiFang Station.

*You can check the schedule of the train at:  
Select on any random available day
From: Taipei, Taipei 
To: Taipei, RuiFang

4. After you alight at RuiFang Station, there will be a booth at the platform selling tickets to Pinghsi line. Just buy the whole day ticket which will allow unlimited rides on the Pinghsi line! You cannot use easycard on PingHsi Line! You have to return the ticket when you returned to Ruifang later so don’t throw away ah! Again, the Pinghsi railway line operates on a fixed schedule. 

5. To reach Shifen, just board the Pinghsi railway train and alight at Shifen! EASY RIGHT!

I provided some information on the different metro/TRA/HSR lines at the end of the post. Hope it can clear some confusion! And do correct me if I’m wrong! 

TRA Taipei Railway Pinghsi Ruifang Shifen

This is the train to ruifang station!

TRA Taipei Railway Pinghsi Ruifang Shifen

Interior of the train!

TRA Taipei Railway Pinghsi Ruifang Shifen

Comes with Toilet.
台彎台北瑞芳車站 Taiwan Taipei Ruifang Station

Reached Ruifang after about 40mins? I think should be around 30-45 mins.

台彎台北瑞芳車站 Taiwan Taipei Ruifang Station TRA Pinghsi Line Shifen

Mr Gan with the PingHsi line tickets!

Because we didnt plan the timing properly, MISTAKE!, we had around an hour before the train arrive. So we walked around the place to explore. And it started raining. Very very fine rain.

台彎台北瑞芳車站 Taiwan Taipei Ruifang Station TRA Pinghsi Line Shifen

Display of arts along the tunnel. Can you see how wet the floor is!

Ruifang station taipei taiwan

Ruifang station taipei taiwan

Meh food I bought.

台彎台北瑞芳車站 Taiwan Taipei Ruifang Station TRA Pinghsi Line Shifen Bento

And we bought the 火車便當 (Hou Ce Bian Dan)/Bento!

台彎台北瑞芳車站 Taiwan Taipei Ruifang Station TRA Pinghsi Line Shifen Bento

The food inside!

台彎台北瑞芳車站 Taiwan Taipei Ruifang Station TRA Pinghsi Line Shifen Bento

Noming on the food! It's okay luh, so-so. Oh ya! remember to get more food with you from where you can’t from because there’s really not much food in Shifen! The bento only managed to keep us full for awhile and we started eating the meh food i bought. HAHAHA

台彎台北十分 Taiwan Taipei Ruifang Station TRA Pinghsi Line Shifen

The train! 

台彎台北十分 Taiwan Taipei Ruifang Station TRA Pinghsi Line Shifen

And we reached Shifen!

台彎台北十分 Taiwan Taipei Ruifang Station TRA Pinghsi Line Shifen

The street of Shifen! And the black dot in the sky is the sky lantern! So much to take in when you alight!

Shifen 十分 Shifen 十分 Shifen 十分

So what is Mr Gan doing?

台彎台北十分 Taiwan Taipei Ruifang Station TRA Pinghsi Line Shifen


Shifen PingHsi Line Schedule Timetable 十分

The schedule of PingHsi Line. I’m not sure what does the highlighted ones mean though! It didnt arrive when we were there, maybe it’s for the weekends?

Then we head off to Shifen PuBu, Shifen Waterfall. We walked leisurely, and walked the wrong direction. HAHAHA. So we ended up quite behind our schedule. But ah well~ At least we enjoyed it. HAHAHA.


so I asked Mr Gan to do a jump shot and I completely missed it. HAHAHAHAHA. oops.


camwhoring while walking.

Shifen 十分

台彎台北十分 Shifen

DSLR:1 Iphone: 0 Actually I don’t know why my iphone performed so badly in the previously photo.

台彎台北十分 Shifen

The suspended bridge that we are supposed to cross to get to the Waterfall. It was under maintenance.

Shifen 十分

台彎台北十分 Shifen

Ok I think this time round the iphone’s performance improved. Come on, if you didn’t see the DSLR photo, you wouldn’t find the iphone photo crappy right? right? Yes.

Shifen 十分 waterfall

Almost reaching! Now guess which camera is it!

台彎台北十分 Shifen waterfall

Shifen waterfall 十分

Shifen waterfall 十分

十分大瀑布 Shifen Waterfall

And we finally made it!! Mr Gan’s long exposure shot.

You will need to pay an entrance fee to see the waterfall. Which is quite ermmm. So if you are not a very scenery/ hate to walk a lot kind of person, you can choose not to go! HAHAHA

Shifen waterfall 十分瀑布

My iphone shot. NOT BAD RIGHT! Good job iphone! *pads on my iphone back*

Shifen waterfall 十分瀑布

Panorama shot! 

Shifen Waterfall 十分大瀑布

Us with a bit of waterfall. HAAHAH. Cannot complain when you asked others for help!

Me and the railway. Mr Gan just conveniently excludes his photos when he uploaded them to facebook..
After which we walked back to Shifen and released our  天灯 Sky lantern!

十分天灯 Shifen Sky Lantern

Writing our wishes in chinese and english and hanyupinyin, HAHAH. Looking damn cui after being in the rain the whole day.
十分天灯 Shifen Sky Lantern

Mr Gan repeating everything that I wrote……
十分天灯 Shifen Sky Lantern

And we are ready!

十分天灯 Shifen Sky Lantern

十分天灯 Shifen Sky Lantern

lighted up!

十分天灯 Shifen Sky Lantern

wishing the best for our nephews! Best uncle and aunty!!

十分天灯 Shifen Sky Lantern

Off it goes! The higher it flies the better it is! 

All the photos taken during the release of the sky lantern are taken by the shop assistant! Go to the shop with photography help! All the shops cost the same anyway!

Thereafter we catch the TRA train back to Ruifang Station, and transfer to another TRA train which will take us to SongShan station, where Raohe night market and Wufenpu is! We didn’t go Wufenpu because we are going Taichung’s fengjia night market and most of wufenpu stuff are from there! That’s what I heard though, correct me if I’m wrong! And also like I mentioned previously, we skipped Jiufen because it was already 5+ when we reached Ruifang and the sky is already dark. I can still provide the directions to Jiufen if you all need!

饒河街觀光夜市 RaoHe Street Night Market

饒河街觀光夜市 RaoHe Street Night Market

饒河街觀光夜市 RaoHe Street Night Market

Can you guess which is iphone and which is dslr? HAHAHA

饒河街觀光夜市 RaoHe Street Night Market

This is the view if you walk from Songshan station!

饒河街觀光夜市 RaoHe Street Night Market Lu Rou Fan

饒河街觀光夜市 RaoHe Street Night Market food

Both of us were famished so we quickly sat down at one of the store to have 滷肉飯(LuRaoFan)/Braised pork on rice and 排骨汤(PaiGuTang)/Pork Rib Soup. Not the best, but can do! Everything is nice when you are hungry! After finishing, we went on to eat more street food!

饒河街觀光夜市 RaoHe Street Night Market

Something which tasted like waffle. You can also order it in different flavours like chocolate cheese, egg cheese and some others which I don’t remember. 

饒河街觀光夜市 RaoHe Street Night Market

Omg the most PUI food in our opinion. Pepper-coated corn. Surprised smile Never going to eat again. We didn’t even finish it. See Mr Gan so sian

饒河街觀光夜市 RaoHe Street Night Market Fried Mushroom

My all time favourite fried mushroom!!
饒河街觀光夜市 RaoHe Street Night Market Shave Mango Ice

And mango shaved ice!

饒河街觀光夜市 RaoHe Street Night Market

饒河街觀光夜市 RaoHe Street Night Market

We also queued up for the famous 胡椒饼(HuJiaoBing)/Pepper bun biscuit!

And that is basically the end of our Day2! Took the TRA from Songshan Railway station back to Taipei Railway Station and back to hotel!

Anyway I thought this would be useful for first time travellers to Taiwan, Taipei!


Trains in Taipei

There are 3 train services in Taipei. Namely Taipei Metro Main Station, Taipei Railway Station and Taipei HSR Station.

1. Taipei Main Station – This is the 捷運(Jie Yun) like the MRT in Singapore. It will take you to places like Tamshui, MaoKong, Shilin, Ximending etc etc. You can use easycard on the lines!

2. Taipei Railway Station (TRA)– This will be the train that you will be taking to go shifen. They operates on a fixed schedule thus you need to reach them on time to catch their train, if not you will have to wait for around 20mins for the next train. The main line you can use your easycard!

3. Taipei HSR Station – This is the Gaotie which we took on the first day to get from Taoyuan to Taipei. It will also take you to Taichung, Tainan, Gaoxiong and all the main city. This is like a train for the whole country! There’s fixed seating and you have to buy tickets for it! Easy card cannot be used!

Look out for my next post on Taiwan – Taipei Day3! Where we visited the famous 阜杭豆漿(FuHangDouJiang), 新北投(XinBeitou) and 淡水(Tamshui)! Till then!

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