Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Marutama Ramen @ Central & Urban Decay Naked Review

I guess I should faster blog before I forget everything. I have very bad memory if I make little effort to constantly recall the events.

On the Friday after my examinations ended, I went Clark Quay with Zhian to have Marutama Ramen. Swusan introduced me to this ramen restaurant and I thought it was not bad, so I asked Zhian to go and try it!




Some touristy shots I took with my iphone5 while I wait for zhian to try out his new camera and filter(?). The first and third photos are taken using the panorama function! Pretty impressive I would say! Make wide angle lens obsolete! 

I wore a lace dress that day!

Standard non-spicy ramen

We also ordered the spicy base ramen because Zhian prefer his food to be spicy. Turns out he prefers the non-spicy ramen cause he says that the spicy ramen just tasted like they add chilli inside.  I still like the ramen!

After photo! HAHAHAH

More random shots I took while Zhian tested his polariser(?) HAHAHA I cant remember what is he testing. Too many geeky terms which I can’t remember what is what.

New eye shadow I bought from Sephora! I concluded that it’s about time I get a new eye shadow because I have been using my Mac’s eye shadow since sec4. Surprised smile (disapproving stares from everyone *sheepish*) I read somewhere that we aren’t supposed to use our makeup for so long. But it’s really still in very good shape and it didn’t cause me any eye infection or anything and most importantly it’s very good!! Cant bring myself to throw it away especially when it was a festive edition palette, HENCE you cant find the exact same one anymore! (Quickly fend for myself) 

I tried the urban decay’s eyeshadow and I must say that it’s really very good! Comparable to that of Mac and cheaper than it. My Mac’s palette of 4 colours was $75 and the UD’s palette of erm 9(?) hahah ok I cant remember and I’m very lazy to go get it out is only $80. Worth it.

Ok I wanted to blog about little diners, salted caramel and Joash’s first year as well. But I have to go tidy up my room and pack for my Genting trip tomorrow cause my mum is not pleased. HAHAHHA. All the best for my Genting long bus ride tomorrow!

Preview to Joash’s party! I edited this photo using my iphone apps!

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