Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Genting Part1

Many thanks to my almost non-existent immune system, I’m down with fever ever since I came back from Genting on Friday. What a way to spend my Christmas eve, Christmas and boxing day. ( I used to call it boxers’ day instead of boxing day *inserts a photo of boxers* HAHAHAH)

That being said, Genting was fun! And I endured the 7 hours bus ride to and fro!! *victorysign* It was cold though, the temperature hovered around 14-18 degree Celsius. A pair of jeans and thick sweater would do the trick!

I stayed over at Swusan’s place the night before setting off because the bus departs from causeway point at 6am. Oh my mama so early @.@ No way I would be able to make my way from Simei to Woodlands in the morning. So the night was spent talking to Swusan and her mum. HAHAHAH. I think I disrupted Swusan’s sleep by talking too much and in turn when it’s my turn to feel sleepy, she’s wide awake and started talking as well. Zombiefied us.

Met up with the rest at CWP at an unearthly hour of 5.45am to board the coach. We took WTS coach! Seriously I wasn’t having much hope for the coach cause I hate taking coach! But the coach turned out much better than expected.


Attempted to capture a photo of the leg room but quite fail. HAHAHHA. The leg room is quite big.

We were allocated the lower deck and it’s pretty much cozy in there.
But the seat is real hard. @.@ Qingping and I tossed and turned and shifted our legs and heads and etc, but it’s still quite uncomfortable. So we spent the rest of the ride trying to find a comfortable spot and talking to choonboon who was seated infront of us. Just like our sec3 days. Talking about secondary school days makes you realised that certain people *cough*QP*cough* has very bad memory. LOL

Ok skip all the bus part and go Genting.
Thanks to Swusan’s dad, we managed to stay in Maxim Genting Suite. Surprised smileBeing the other single girl with no boyfriend around, Qingping naturally became my roomie! And we took tons of photos in the bathroom cause well it’s big!

The feature that bought QP over is the step to the bathtub. I guess she must have lots of bad experiences with bathtubs with no steps.


HAHHAAH QP so funny!


And we continued the next day. HAAHAH






HAHAHAH I sent Bryan the last 2 photos and captioned it “Sexy GF”




Okie that’s the end of all the room photos! I’m not too sure about the room rate. But Swusan’s mum kept telling me it’s SGD$600 per pax but I dont know is it for 3 days 2 night or what. HAHAHA
We then went to strawberry farm! Took Genting Skyline down to Midstation and took a cab there.  Don’t take the wrong cable car ah! You wouldn’t want to end up at the bottom of the hill?/mountain? and suffer a ride up again. @.@ The Cable car ride was 15 mins? and cab ride was a 2 mins ride.













Our 100gram loot that cost RM$8
Thereafter we were forced to walk the rest of the mushroom farm and what’s not cause the path is built in such a way that you have to walk past everything to get out. ~~ Good job.


HAHAH choonboon!



We concluded the height of the cable car should be around 1.6m HAHAHA.

Ending this post with the mysterious sign that we couldn’t figure out what is it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Marutama Ramen @ Central & Urban Decay Naked Review

I guess I should faster blog before I forget everything. I have very bad memory if I make little effort to constantly recall the events.

On the Friday after my examinations ended, I went Clark Quay with Zhian to have Marutama Ramen. Swusan introduced me to this ramen restaurant and I thought it was not bad, so I asked Zhian to go and try it!




Some touristy shots I took with my iphone5 while I wait for zhian to try out his new camera and filter(?). The first and third photos are taken using the panorama function! Pretty impressive I would say! Make wide angle lens obsolete! 

I wore a lace dress that day!

Standard non-spicy ramen

We also ordered the spicy base ramen because Zhian prefer his food to be spicy. Turns out he prefers the non-spicy ramen cause he says that the spicy ramen just tasted like they add chilli inside.  I still like the ramen!

After photo! HAHAHAH

More random shots I took while Zhian tested his polariser(?) HAHAHA I cant remember what is he testing. Too many geeky terms which I can’t remember what is what.

New eye shadow I bought from Sephora! I concluded that it’s about time I get a new eye shadow because I have been using my Mac’s eye shadow since sec4. Surprised smile (disapproving stares from everyone *sheepish*) I read somewhere that we aren’t supposed to use our makeup for so long. But it’s really still in very good shape and it didn’t cause me any eye infection or anything and most importantly it’s very good!! Cant bring myself to throw it away especially when it was a festive edition palette, HENCE you cant find the exact same one anymore! (Quickly fend for myself) 

I tried the urban decay’s eyeshadow and I must say that it’s really very good! Comparable to that of Mac and cheaper than it. My Mac’s palette of 4 colours was $75 and the UD’s palette of erm 9(?) hahah ok I cant remember and I’m very lazy to go get it out is only $80. Worth it.

Ok I wanted to blog about little diners, salted caramel and Joash’s first year as well. But I have to go tidy up my room and pack for my Genting trip tomorrow cause my mum is not pleased. HAHAHHA. All the best for my Genting long bus ride tomorrow!

Preview to Joash’s party! I edited this photo using my iphone apps!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oscar's Cafe & Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Singapore

Sorry for the long hiatus! Was busy with examinations and my post examinations activities. HAHAHAH. There’s so much I want to achieve this holiday, but there isn’t enough time! And I’m going off to Genting this coming Wednesday with my secondary school friends! With the much dreaded long bus rides. Swusan and I are planning a overnight game/chitchat session so the both of us can zonk out on the bus and not deal with the motion sickness.

So amidst my examinations last last week, I went to Oscar’s cafe & Terrace @ Conrad Centennial  Singapore for a buffet lunch to celebrate Zhian’s sister’s birthday. I met Zhian at Bras Basah Station after my paper, and we made our way down to Promenade Station, which is just a few stops away.

Unfortunately for us, we took the wrong exit out. HAHAHAHA. So we ended up at Millennia Walk and had to walk back to Conrad.


Loving the Christmas atmosphere around Singapore. This is the Christmas Teddies(tree) put up at Conrad's lobby. I still prefer normal green Christmas tree.


I was telling Mr Gan that I think the staircase is nice cause it reminds me of a scene in Hana Yori Dango whereby one of the rich actress walked down this kinda stairs in her gown. Such a princess moment. But Mr Gan said that I’m outdated. WHAT! Timeless okay!

Oscar's Cafe Terrace


One of the highlights of the buffet got to be the desserts. Hence they deserved to be showcased first. This is just a part of the desserts selection.




I tried the berries pot, the orangey-red concoction in the middle, and I must say it's very refreshing. it's perfect to be taken after your main courses and before starting your desserts. The sweet and sour taste will surely open up your appetite for even more desserts. This is certainly something different from all the other hotel buffets I tried before.


And yet again, not many hotel buffets offer chocolate balls. I tried the passion fruit chocolate ball and I returned to take another. Just fantastic.


Apart from the above, they also offer Waffle. Me being a serious Waffle eater, I must say that their waffle is FANTASTIC. Almost comparable to that of Gelare! (That being said, if you are not a fan of Gelare, then perhaps you won't find it nice) The ice-creams offered are also very nice. It's creamy and not very sweet! Though they only offer 3 flavours – Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry, the taste of the ice-cream more than compensates for it’s few choices. Try to save some tummy space for dessert!



Their salad station is one of the biggest I have seen. And the unique thing about their salad station is their cheese bowl as shown above. The bowl is carved out of cheese and you can pour your salad into it to stir it. But personally I think their salad isn’t that impressive to me although they have a huge variety of greens and toppings.



Okay their main courses aren’t that impressive, but not bad as well. Their fried rice is very good though! And I’m not sure whether is it because they are serving Turkey that’s why there isn’t any beef.
They have a noodles station located outside which serves Laksa, Wanton Noodles and Prawn Noodles.  I only tried the Laksa and I think it’s good. Not too spicy and the noodles managed to soak up the taste.

Unfortunately I don’t take seafood. But from the responses I gathered from Zhian and family, it isn’t that impressive.

On a whole I think the buffet is good considering the price you are paying. I think it’s below $50 per pax. I think I will go back there someday to have their dessert again! Their buffet lunch is 12pm-2.30pm daily if I’m not wrong!

On a completely separate note, a woman asked me how to get to Millennia Walk while I was on the train the next day. Since I just been to Millennia Walk the day before, I was 100% sure that she had to alight at promenade station. Guess what? After I told her, she replied with a


Talk about obnoxious woman carrying an LV bag. I don’t owe you a living woman. If you don’t trust me why would you even ask me? pffff. That being said, she still doesn’t trust me and alighted at esplanade.
Angrily I tweeted, “Obnoxious LV woman alighted at esplanade to go Millennia Walk”.

My friend tweeted back, “SHE WILL NEVER FIND IT!! HAHAHHAHA”