Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Joash’s Toys“R”Us Experience

From my previous blog entry you would know that I’m currently looking for a birthday present for Joash’s upcoming 1st birthday. I went to the Toys”R”Us at Paragon but did not buy anything because I didn’t know what Joash likes! 

To solve this problem, my 2 sisters and I brought Joash to the Toy”R”Us at Tampines Mall on Sunday to see what interest him! Bad decision to go on a Sunday anyway!

Joash on the car playing with the handle of my bag.

We concluded that he loves ride ons after the trip! He was happily controlling the steering wheel of all the ride ons, and even cried when my sister carried him up from them.


On of the automated, pedal controlled ride-on.  $200+

Not very interested in the ride ons that Toy”R”Us has. I was looking for ride on from the US brand, Little Tikes, because it’s known for it’s good quality. Sadly Toy”R”Us does not retail them, so I got to order it online. And it’s like all sold out ._.

Here are some other things that I shortlisted but didn’t get in the end! Might help if you are also thinking of getting these items for your nieces/nephews/friends/sons/daughters for christmas.

1) Swimming pool.
Joash loves water since young. He is always very happy during bath time even up till now. And he particularly enjoyed the swimming experience that my sister brought him to! You can read my sister’s account of his first swimming experience here!

Look at his cheeky face!

So naturally buying a swimming pool is a good choice because he will confirm love it! BUT!!! No space at home and it wastes water. I was very close to buying this:

Toy Story Play Center @ $69.95

So swimming pool is out unless you live in a landed house with a big open garden plus you are willing to waste that amount of water. OR. If you are going to some resort somewhere then you can bring this along and use their water instead. HAHAHAHA

2) Slide
Another big ticket item. But I quickly crossed this out because Joash is not interested in slide. AT ALL. I brought him down to the playground near my house to play the slide on 2 occasions and he did not smile at all. Win. Waste my effort.

Another consideration is that Joash is growing up very fast. He might be too long for the slide very soon. And if he’s ever interested in slide, we can just bring him to the playground. This not only saves money but the slides at the playground are also longer than what’s sold. There is also no winter in Singapore to keep him indoor anyway.

3) Tables and Chairs
Very lame I know. LOL. But I thought this is very useful. HAHAHAH. But I concluded that he will probably fall off the chair or crawl away at this age. HAHAHA.

This post will probably not be beneficial for most of my friends. But hey! You might find it useful say 7 years down the road? HAHAHA

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