Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Joash’s Toys“R”Us Experience

From my previous blog entry you would know that I’m currently looking for a birthday present for Joash’s upcoming 1st birthday. I went to the Toys”R”Us at Paragon but did not buy anything because I didn’t know what Joash likes! 

To solve this problem, my 2 sisters and I brought Joash to the Toy”R”Us at Tampines Mall on Sunday to see what interest him! Bad decision to go on a Sunday anyway!

Joash on the car playing with the handle of my bag.

We concluded that he loves ride ons after the trip! He was happily controlling the steering wheel of all the ride ons, and even cried when my sister carried him up from them.


On of the automated, pedal controlled ride-on.  $200+

Not very interested in the ride ons that Toy”R”Us has. I was looking for ride on from the US brand, Little Tikes, because it’s known for it’s good quality. Sadly Toy”R”Us does not retail them, so I got to order it online. And it’s like all sold out ._.

Here are some other things that I shortlisted but didn’t get in the end! Might help if you are also thinking of getting these items for your nieces/nephews/friends/sons/daughters for christmas.

1) Swimming pool.
Joash loves water since young. He is always very happy during bath time even up till now. And he particularly enjoyed the swimming experience that my sister brought him to! You can read my sister’s account of his first swimming experience here!

Look at his cheeky face!

So naturally buying a swimming pool is a good choice because he will confirm love it! BUT!!! No space at home and it wastes water. I was very close to buying this:

Toy Story Play Center @ $69.95

So swimming pool is out unless you live in a landed house with a big open garden plus you are willing to waste that amount of water. OR. If you are going to some resort somewhere then you can bring this along and use their water instead. HAHAHAHA

2) Slide
Another big ticket item. But I quickly crossed this out because Joash is not interested in slide. AT ALL. I brought him down to the playground near my house to play the slide on 2 occasions and he did not smile at all. Win. Waste my effort.

Another consideration is that Joash is growing up very fast. He might be too long for the slide very soon. And if he’s ever interested in slide, we can just bring him to the playground. This not only saves money but the slides at the playground are also longer than what’s sold. There is also no winter in Singapore to keep him indoor anyway.

3) Tables and Chairs
Very lame I know. LOL. But I thought this is very useful. HAHAHAH. But I concluded that he will probably fall off the chair or crawl away at this age. HAHAHA.

This post will probably not be beneficial for most of my friends. But hey! You might find it useful say 7 years down the road? HAHAHA

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yihfang’s 21st!

On Friday, I attended Yih Fang’s 21st party together with Yumei, Swu San, Weini, Vv and Huimin. The 6 representatives from sauces as the rest were busy.
Prior to that, I went to the Toysrus at Paragon with ym and ss cause I wanted to see what present I can get for Baby Joash’s 1st birthday! The 2 paedophiles (it’s okay, they seldom read my blog HAHAHAH) volunteered their service to me~ HAHAHAHHAH. Ym and Ss kindly offered to follow me there! :D *muackx* But it was a bad decision. LOL. Cause orchard was raining damn heavily that day such that my shoes were so wet and I have to squeeze with a lot more people.
Yf booked a suite at M Hotel and we decide to take some photos when we got lost on the way there!
Photos were taken using my iphone5 front camera. #notveryimpressiveunderlowlight. And check out Yumei’s annoyed face towards the end. HAHAHAHAHA
I think the last photo was captured after she said, “Jane stop it.” HAHAHAHAHA
Oh ya! Yih Fang’s theme was 21 shades of blue. So we were all in blue!
Our series of individual shots with the bday girl!!! SORRY VV YOURS WAS BLURR! ><
Oh ya forgot to mention. I has having a serious case of ulcer (still is) so the ever kind and helpful yumei brought coconut drink for me! and I was drinking it throughout the party like some awkward being.
A BIG can.
Some of the photos were koped from Huimin’s camera. We sort of alternate between my iphone and her camera. Iphone really cannot make it under low light. Ok still much better than my previous HTC.
Throughout the party we just camwhored while Yih Fang was busy. HAHAH. That’s what we do best (besides eating).
Playing with all the props yf prepared and coconut drink makes its appearance again.

When we were banished to the toilet. LOL. LOOK AT VV!! HEYYY SEXAY LADAE~~
Coconut drink makes it's appearance again!
Yih Fang being Yih Fang, covered the lens of the camera when she cannot squeeze into the frame. HAHAHAHA
Yih Fang’s mysterious head at the bottom. HAHAHAHA
phtoGroup shot!

Terrorising Yih Fang’s nephew.
Yihfang smiling so happily!! So glad to be part of the celebration!

Yihfang’s super cute nephews!!
Sauces group shot! :D

The trio who camwhored using my phone while I’m in the toilet.
I’m going to end this post with the series of unglam shots I took of yumei when she refused to take a photo with the bunny ears. LOL.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

… as long as both shall live

So last Saturday, 10/11/12, my second sister held her traditional wedding. Actually under the law she’s already married. In fact it can be said to be her wedding anniversary since she had her solemnization exactly a year ago. Pretty cool (and convenient)  to have it both on one date huh! Imagine it’s 2 different dates, I bet they have to debate on which one is it :O

One of the main differences between my erjie’s wedding and my dajie’s wedding is that this time round, I’m actually one of the bridesmaids. For my Dajie wedding, I’m just a wedding-go-er. Nothing much I need to do prior to the wedding and on the wedding day itself. I can lepak and take photos, sit down and chill with zhian.

However this time round there’s so much to do!

1) First up was holding the 1st meeting with the 6 other jiemeis to discuss the gatecrash details. Pretty fun I guess!

2) Helping my sister to get her wedding montage up! Or rather finding someone to help my sister do her wedding montage. And this is the final result of the Wedding Montage!

Really need to thank Jasmine, my secondary school classmate, who squeezed in time to make the wedding montage during her busy school life! She’s now in ADM, and if you think she had done a great job you can contact her to get her to help you as well!

3) Next is holding of the hen’s night! Didn’t really blogged about it cause I was still using my CMI HTC phone back then and I didn't capture anything! In essence, my sister wanted to combine her hen’s night with halloween. So we went for the Halloween bus which brought us to various clubs that night. And we must also dress up to fit the theme!

And that’s the 7 jiemeis + the bride! (My sis is the 3rd from the left!)

4) And the most tiring of all: I must tidy up my room because my sister want to sit in my room on the day. OH THE HORROR. LOL. I did a major shift of my room and now it is a lot neater! and presentable!
I don’t have a lot of photos with me for the actual day because I was really busy!  Much of the photos are snapped in between running around. LOL.
2012-11-09 16.12.29

The white gown!!! It is really beautiful! I went with my sister to choose the gown (Slave in making you see, LOL) and she wanted something bling and more unique. So the owner took this out of the storage and show us. We straight away chose it! HAHAH. Apparently my sister was the 1st to wear it cause she’s tall enough 1.7m and the train of this gown is super long! Downside: it’s super heavy as well 10kg.
2012-11-10 07.53.112012-11-09 14.03.47

The shoes of all the jiemeis and the right one is mine. HAHAHAH.
We went for the nude theme cause our dresses were pastel colour.
Ok I admit I walk until my toe cramped for 2 days after the wedding.
First time it happened anyway.
2012-11-09 16.18.33

Since the theme of my sister was “colourful”, my dajie got this cute glasses from BKK for us!
And I bought the corsages cause what the bridal studio provided really CMI!
TADAH! tumblr worthy photo!
2012-11-10 00.01.142012-11-10 00.01.19

2012-11-10 00.26.282012-11-10 00.27.53

The night before the big day! Jiemeis hard at work! HAHAHAH

And morning came and went with the gatecrash. No photos at all cause too busy! LOL

2012-11-10 09.21.382012-11-10 09.21.52

Everything colourful to fit the theme! and that’s the recep table!

2012-11-10 09.22.002012-11-10 09.22.04

Some quite bad angle shot that I took of my sister’s wedding shoot. LOL. Hey learning to criticize my own photos is a good way to improve my photography okay..
2012-11-10 09.41.17

Here you see 5 of the jiemeis and 2 receps! The other jiemei is my sister’s PA so she’s with my sister and the other is me!
2012-11-10 09.46.28
2012-11-10 09.46.35
2012-11-10 09.47.15

The only shots that I took of myself and zhian. And apparently he doesn’t really care. LOL
2012-11-10 09.48.50

These decorations were painstakingly put up by my sister’s cell group and my brother-in-law’s brothers. (Brothers as in the people like Jiemeis ah! not the true real life brother)
2012-11-10 09.49.20
2012-11-10 09.49.44
2012-11-10 10.07.02
All the decorations of the holy matrimony room really beautiful!!

2012-11-10 10.17.26

My daddy and sister!! AHHH!!

2012-11-10 10.17.34

Handing over the daughter :’)
2012-11-10 10.17.37
and they walk down together!!

2012-11-10 10.20.15
The bride!
2012-11-10 10.28.07
and the back of the dress!! Really beautiful!!
2012-11-10 10.35.39
Hehe! Daddy and Mummy looking very tired! My mum woke up at 3am! Earliest!
I woke up at 3.45am and slept at 1am. HAHAHAH
2012-11-10 10.35.59
I repeated this over 10 times. zhian your hand!!
I think this is a otherwise very nice shot!

Afterwhich was the banquet and things got busy again. HAHAH. So no photos!

2012-11-10 15.43.37
Near the end we managed to squeeze this shot!
YAY THE 3 sisters plus Joash!
Ending off with Joash OOTD!
2012-11-12 15.42.10
Wishing my sister all the best and blissful marriage!!
I love you! Open-mouthed smile