Friday, October 19, 2012

Taking Joash’s passport photo

You think taking a photo of a baby laughing is difficult?
Try taking a passport photo of a baby.

My Erjie and I embarked on the task of taking Joash’s passport photo one day, after our Dajie asked us to help her with it. Since we were quite free, and we decided to give it a try.
As you know, the main requirements for a passport photo are white background and no facial shadow.
So technically only the first photo above made the cut. And the 3 photos above are the best out of 2384983493 photos we took.

Here are some interesting failure shots that are not so failure.
Photo on the left: Crumbled white background. OUT
Photo on the right: Slated Joash. OUT

I was actually behind the crumbled white background(towel), and Joash was sitting on my lap. He just could not stop moving so we decided to change a tactic. HAHAHA. Apparently quite fail.

Photo on the left: Facial shadow. OUT
Photo on the right: HAHAHAHHA. He was reaching for the Iphone.

So after these series of shots, we concluded that we had done our best and proceeded to let my sister QC them over Whatsapp.  Obviously only the first photo of this post made the cut, “but his mouth is like ..  errrr...” –Joyce
Since my sister and I were still quite free by afternoon, we decided to give it another try after he drank his milk. Full Joash is happy Joash. Indeed. So the second set of photos turned out much better since it’s easier to make him laugh now.
So presenting the successful photos:
IMG-20121018-WA0010 IMG-20121018-WA0011 
IMG-20121018-WA0013 IMG-20121018-WA0012

Guess which of the 4 my sister chose!


  1. I think she will choose photo 2.


  2. I think she will choose photo 2

  3. @huijuan - hahhaa ya she chose photo2 cause thats his default look!