Thursday, October 11, 2012

6 things to note on wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore - My OMG experience

The person who decides to name the wisdom tooth the "wisdom tooth" got to be some sacastic dude. Either that or the wisdom tooth evolved and became retarded over the years but we felt bad about renaming it "retard tooth".

Wisdom tooth extraction got to be the scariest thing everrr (or at least mine was).

It all started with my bottom left gum becoming swollen a few weeks ago. I sort of guessed that it was due to my wisdom tooth so I went to consult the dentist at the Q&M clinic at Simei (purely out of convenience) and had my x-ray taken. The dentist confirmed my guess and told me that the reason why my gum will become swollen was because my wisdom tooth grew horizontally, i.e. horizontal impaction.

And to remedy this, it will require surgery ._. 

And the same applies for the bottom right side ._.

The wisdom teeth on top, on both sides performed better. They grew like how teeth will normally grow: vertically. However the dentist advised me to just extract the top wisdom teeth as well since wisdom teeth don't normally aid in our chewing and they decay easily due to the difficulty of brushing them. For the top, normal extraction suffice. 

"Would you like to extract all 4 now?", she asked. (note emphasis on "she")

Wait wait, what? Now? Are you being serious? Even when you eat kway chap you will need at least an hour or two to digest it let alone such news. And while deciding whether to pluck your wisdom teeth isn't exactly a life and death decision, it's also not a frivolous everyday decision like whether you want to buy a cup of bubble tea. And while I know that I will confirm be plucking my wisdom teeth, I will still need to schedule a good date. And wait, did you just say all 4? Etc etc. But of course I condensed all these thoughts to a: 

"NOW?!?!" And told the dentist I need to think about it and scurried out.

1. When should you extract your wisdom teeth? 

After much consideration, I scheduled my appointment on a Friday at 6pm. Friday cause it's the last day of school before recess week and 6pm cause it's the end of the day so I wouldn't need to worry about eating after that.

BUT, if you are working and trying to Chao Keng, you should schedule it on a Monday morning cause you will get 5 days of MC for extraction that requires surgery.

2. How many wisdom tooth should you pluck each time?

I chose 2; the top and bottom on my left side. I decided not to pluck all 4 because I'm scared and I don't want to make my mouth invalid for a few days especially since I have to go for my sister's wedding dinner food tasting on that Sunday.

AGAIN, if you are working and trying to Chao Keng, you should also do the same since you will get 5 days MC for each surgery.

3. What should you do before extracting your wisdom tooth?

Eat because you won't be able to eat for awhile after that. And also quite gross to eat with all that blood. But of course if you are dieting or is a secret vampire, please go ahead and not eat prior to that. I ate Kway Chap. Ok no particular reason why Kway Chap, but just Kway Chap. Hahahaha. 

Request to take the painkiller before your surgery. Unless you are a secret vampire, please take after. Lost of blood to enjoy. I didn't know that I have to take a painkiller and only took it after the whole process. I felt like puking. The blood @.@

4. Which dental clinic or dentist should you go to?

While I cannot introduce one, let me share with you my (horrendous) experience...

It was freaking scary omg. I was very scared even though I extracted 4 teeth at one go when I did braces previously. The top tooth came out in like 10s, but the horror came when the dentist operated on the bottom. 

Due to the local anaesthesia, I don't feel any pain, or in fact, any sensation from my gum. What I felt though was the dentist trying to extract my head from my neck. "Is this an execution?" The tucking and pulling lasted for some 5 mins, with the assistant holding onto my head. It was the longest 5 mins in my life. Then I heard my tooth breaking loose from the gum 3 times. *TIAK! TIAK! TIAK!* OH THE HORROR. And finally out came the bloody tooth, literally, with some gum attached.

Gross side story: When I shared my story with my friends, one of them told me that she played with her gum. I LOL-ed cause..  I FREAKING DID THAT TOO!!! #dontjudge

In short, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT CHOOSE A FEMALE DENTIST (or some gu niang male dentist). Go for a macho male dentist who has enough strength to extract your deeply embedded wisdom tooth. Unless your female dentist is some secret weightlifter, or you are perverse and enjoy having someone tucking at your tooth for 5 mins then please go ahead. 

5. How much does it cost?

Surgery for 1 tooth: $800
Normal extraction for 1 tooth: $100
Xray: $75
Other medication: $50~

The good news: You can use Medisave, or your parent's Medisave.

6. What will happen after that?

Day 1, 3 and 5 respectively.

Day 1: Can only smile on one side. I drank ice lemon tea upon reaching home to remove the disgusting combination of taste in my mouth, and the ice lemon tea flow out of my mouth on the numb side. HAHAHAHA. 

The first 2 nights were quite horrible. It's much more painful when you are lying down because of the pressure/gravity. I have to eat painkiller every 4 hours. I think the lousy dentist also contributed to the pain. I only ate watery and not hot stuff.

Day3: I went for my sis's wedding dinner food tasting looking like that. HAHAHAHHA damn swollen. Again, I think the lousy dentist caused it to be so swollen. My sis's face didn't become so swollen when she plucked her. Pain is now bearable, and I can eat springroll, chicken, etc on one side.

Day 5: Back to old me with just abit of swell. 

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  1. I like your new top! =p
    And I cannot imagine plucking my wisdom tooth/teeth in future!! SO SCARY!! more scary than giving birth!!