Friday, July 06, 2012


Ok that sounds so zilian.
But it’s okay! I love myself! muacks! *kisses my fingers and pastes on my cheek*
Technically, my birthday was 3 months ago. 19 April if you don’t know (REPENT!)
But Mr Gan took awhile to edit and upload the photos. (tts his style)
so finally the photos are ready! =D
As my birthday is caught in the middle of my exams, my friends exam and whats not,
I really think it’s unwise to hold a party.
Before my birthday, School work.
My Birthday, Exams.
After my birthday, Internships.
No time~
ok fine im lazy.

So in exchange for present, I suggested going to The Line at Shangri La for my birthday dinner!
Expensive! but it was really enjoyable!
#1 I think this is a really pretty photo of us. I will probably print it out and frame it!
#2 I can has fake dimple! =DDD SEE CINDY! I really don’t know how the shadow cause it though.
2#3 I thought my face looks quite slim here!

#4 series of photos taken with my eldest sis!

#5 Happy Daddy and Mummy of Baby Joash!
Joash is too young to be brought there!
#6 Apparently The Line has lots of round tables for families! And many people bring their kids there! #Richpeople

#7 Lovely flowers and Toblerone from my sis!
Till today the Toblerone is not finished. LOL
I love Toblerone anws!

#8 Happy Bro-in-law and sis! Wedding in Nov! Wheeeeeeeeee!

#9 The only food photo and we were busy eating.

I must say their variety is really a lot!
and if you enjoy seafood! MUST GO. SUPER FRESH as said by Mr Gan (Quality Assured)
Their beef is soooooooooo good! Really good! Eat it rare or medium well. Damn good!
Their dessert is also very goood! crepes and all
But their ice-cream is meh.
It’s around $70++ per pax!

#10 Must always take a full family photo! =DDD

Be back for the birthday celebration with my friends!

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