Monday, June 27, 2011

The last part of HK.

This is going to be the last post of my HongKong Trip!


Heard this pianist playing Beauty and the Beast's “Be Our Guest”, which is one of the song I liked! I think it;s a very happy song and it's played everywhere in HongKong Disneyland! :) Thank you for the lovely melody!

We settled down at one of the restaurant for our lunch! Being a serious waffle eater, I think their waffle is very very nice! There’s something about Hong Kong Disneyland's waffle that makes it soooo nice.

My paparazzi shots. LOL. HAHAHHAHA


The pro drawer and his drawing. You can seriously find all sort of jobs in Disneyland.


I suggest Disneyland.


The ca..carou..sel? fine merry-go-round. My sister wanted to sit at the carriage but was left with no choice.
Carriage leh!! the most unpopular choice. Still got people snatch.. tsk tsk.


Desperate attempt at taking a photo of myself.


Paparazzi shots again!!


Ugly stitch. DDD= For a moment I hated stitch.. until I went to watch it in a digital show and realised how cute it is again.. AWWW~


Cute parents. and cute me. HAHAHAHAHA


To infinity and beyond!! Fighting back my laughter Cause buzz kept flinging my hair with his pointed finger.

Very cute girl!!!
Damn cute.
The mum must be very happy.
see behind the girl for mum. LOL

Nathan Hotel

The next day we check-in to Nathan Hotel because our first hotel will be having 4 hours of power shortage. Pretty awesome hotel I must say. 

Grey concept toilet which bought over my sis immediately.

The twin beds


Yung Kee Restaurant

On one of the nights, we went to Yung Kee Restaurant located at Lan Kwai Fong for dinner. It's the most expensive meal we had in Hong Kong. Be sure to go there early! The queue is very long!

The menu. You can have a feel of the prices here.

 Wine glasses and Chinese tea. What a strange combination

Roasted Duck

The very expensive tonic soup which was recommended by the waiter. But I must say the ingredients inside are really a lot.

Final bill came up to be approximately SGD$300. Around $50 per pax. I think if you are willing to spend the money and you have a big group, you can just go and try. The food is quite good. :)

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