Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hong Kong Trip Day 3 Part 2 - Disneyland

Oops. Sorry I know this post took like forever, but my boring life suddenly became interesting. LOL
Met up with ss and vivi yesterday and had a hilarious time *see facebook photos*. Just returned from my NBS's IT group outing and tomorrow I'm having my secondary school 01's class outing! Saturday I'm going to celebrate Father's day for Mr Gan's dad and Sunday would be for my dad's! Wow end of my laundry list! Let me try to blog now while drying my hair! *drops my hair dryer*


One of my favourite structure in disneyland! Don’t you think that it's very magical? More so than the beauty and the beast’s castle. I remember I was awed by it when I first saw it at Japan's disneyland. But this time round the magical moment was destroyed by citizens from a certain country. SO IRRITATED! TMD. The freaking woman squeezed past my sister while we were taking photo. PHOTO. JUST ONE. How long will it take? 5 seconds? ARGH! 

continue with pre disneyland!
I  saw many people taking with this lamp post.
I don know why..
but I still take!


my butt not qiao enough.

My funnny dad.
He went to kajiao the performer there.

I did many unglam pose luh.
This is just one of them.
I excluded one from the jump shots from the previous post alr.

Think my parents very pei he us.

Pretending to stroll in the park.

Let the magic begins~
This is where my sis and weiqiang went off to queue for Mickey and Minnie

My sis and her cravings for popcorn.
Seriously. She bugged us to buy popcorn when we were on the train.

HK disneyland really pale in comparison with Japan’s
Even their popcorn lose out.
There are many popcorn stalls in Japan’s
And each serves different flavour and comes with different design of popcorn bottle.
So you will actually walk around Japan’s just to find the right bottle and popcorn bottle.
How I know?
I accompanied my sis to do that when we were there the last time.
What happened to the bottle?
collecting dust.
WELL DONE *claps*

okay I will blog about my sis’s proposal the next post.

The reminder about the stupid tiongs spoils my mood.

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