Monday, June 20, 2011

Hong Kong Day 3 Part 3 - The proposal at Disneyland

So lazy to blog.
but well should keep my promise!

The pre proposal.
Queuing under the hot sun while mickey and minnie stands under the pavilion.
yeah ~

while my parents sit under the tree
and tio targeted to do survey.
possibly asking them why they so nua.

_DSC2354Decoy 1- Family photos

Decoy 2 – Couple shot

Decoy 3&4 solo shots.
Weiqiang proceed to take flowers while my sis is taking photo
and feeling weird
”why take so many photos?”

Flowers? –Check
Ring?- Check
Kneeling down? – Check
Audience? – Check
I concluded that these are the minimum requirements.

_DSC2372Happy sis
with her happy ring.
pretty certificate~

You know I never thought that any girls will say no.
because girls who will say no are those who are in very unstable relationship
then the more the guys won’t propose right?
but no eh. if your proposal plan sux, there are actually girls who reject it.
guys don’t take it for granted.
plus if your proposal sux, people ask you,
you also no face to say it.

And for guys who expects girls to cry.
erm unless your gf has the history of crying quite easily..
if not don’t expect it luh~
if your gf is very vulgar,
you can also expects some vulgarities.

okay Im done with today’s post on hongkong.
getting shorter and shorter.

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