Monday, June 13, 2011

Hong Kong Trip Day 3 Part 1 - Pre-Disneyland

The popular joke when we were young.
”I’m going to tell you 4 stories.
The 1st story. Once there were a husband and a wife.
The wife was cooking. The husband was beside her asking her to add this add that,
the wife slapped the husband and said “I cooking or you cooking”
The 2nd story. Once there were a husband and a wife.
The husband was driver. The wife was beside her asking her to go here go there,
the husband slapped the wife and said “I cooking or you cooking”
The 4th story..
You: What about the 3rd story?
*slaps you and say “I telling story or you telling story”

Ok damn lame.
but my situation reminds me of that.
from HK day1 to HK day3.
Day 2 I never take any photos @.@ except for some zilian photo if you wanna see.
ok end of day 2.

My parents went macau on day2 together with my sis jess and weiqiang.
But my dajie didn’t wanna go so I accompanied her to the salon to get her hair cut and went shopping.
I went to some concept café for lunch which is awesome.
Their waffle is soooooooo nice @.@
Obviously I didn’t have my camera with me *pulls hair*

night view of hongkie~
While I was taking this photo, I inhaled a lot of smoke *faints*
think hongkies life expectancy not very high.

So on the third day went disneyland!
Due to the massive amount of photos.
I will split the post into 2.
Imma not a patient person.

Off we go! If you realised, we all brought brollies!
It kept raining!
That my feet stinks…
HOR! *enlightenment*
That must be how the term hongkong foot comes about!

Happy peeps on train.
hongkong drama never show how the train looks like…

Happy me and my dark eye circles @.@

LOL we bought these watches from nv ren jie~


My shoe sole dropped out…
tts the drain.
I never see photos of people on disneyland train station before.
So imma be different! LOL
Im tired.
Continue tmr? Let the magic begins.. tmr.
anw.. im not even done with pre disneyland. LOL
oh well~ since there’s nth much in my life now.
can slowly huh~

anw~ today I received a tuition email.
all was well until I saw the word “irregardless”

powerful English.
not saying my English very good luh!
but at least I don’t use irregardless.
my sensitivity to this word is influenced by vivi, who is equally grossed out by it.
irregardless is like ..
”no no matter”
so it matters?

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