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Hong kong Trip Day 1 - Cityview Hong Kong at Yau Ma Tei

Hi people! I know I’m super lazy and never update my blog. HAHAHAH. But I have been out everyday from 8am-8pm! So I only have 12 hours at home, of which 8 hours I used to sleep, 2 hours to watch tv and eat and bathe, another 1 hour for me to do anything, which I will, erm, nua. =D

So as to not break my promise, I shall update on my Hongkong Trip! And this will also help in keeping my memory fresh! I completely forgot about my Japan trip few years back.

Lesson learnt.

Hongkong Trip Day 1


We arrived at Singapore Changi Airport-Terminal 3 at some unearthly hour of …SHIT I FORGOT WHAT TIME.
5.30am? Yea should be…
In this picture my sister is doing her job of finding out which is our check in counter, while I..


Test the Dslr which I borrowed from Mr Gan. I'm a extremely noob photographer. I don't really know how to operate most of the functions and I struggled in Hongkong, and have to ask Mr Gan at night in the hotel. But I'm diligent!!

Anyway don’t you find this photo a bit funny? MY MUM IS ACTUALLY TALKING ON THE PHONE!!!
AT SOME UNEARTHLY HOUR. D=  oh horror, I wonder who wakes up at such a timing.


My mum and my sister looking sleepy


My mum and me looking sleepy, and with no make up, and some awkward fringe


My sister and I. Featuring my dark eye rings.


My dad and mum with a somewhat fisheye effect

Weiqiang and my eldest sister


Weiqiang and my eldest sister again, but they swapped their spectacles

Yup that basically sums up my post.
HAHAHHAHA just kidding. That basically sums up who went for the hongkong trip! Traveled by SIA, but was served crappy food which I don't even remember what.



Walked down the walkway and hoped onto a cab to our hotel! And this is the famous Hong Kong bridge which always appears in Hong Kong drama! A typical scene would be one whereby the female/male lead somehow decides to leave hongkong for another country. They will take a cab, look out of the window, and see this bridge.


Thereafter the partner will drive his/her car and reaches to the airport.


See the same bridge.


And maybe die on the way (if the show is morbid), or managed to catch up with the partner at the airport.


Mr Cabby sexy eyes.

The Cityview Hong Kong

We stayed at The Cityview Hong Kong for our trip this time round. We were offered free upgrade for all 3 rooms which was really a plus point! In addition it is located at the proximity of Yau Ma Tei MTR Station, which makes taking public transport really convenient. Just 2 minutes walk to the entrance of the station! There are also local delights opposite the hotel, and KFC for those who might be overdosed from all the Hongkong food. You will be able to find some shopping and more food within 5 minutes of walk from the hotel!


Here is my sister studying the map given to us by the staff


My sister, weiqiang and dad handling the check in process. 


My sister and weiqiang with matching spectacles. Good lighting shot!

Did not take photos of the room, but I found the photos of our rooms from Tripadvisor! If I'm not wrong, ours should be premier room!

Photos of The Cityview Hong Kong, Hong Kong
This photo of The Cityview Hong Kong is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of The Cityview Hong Kong, Hong Kong
This photo of The Cityview Hong Kong is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of The Cityview Hong Kong, Hong Kong
This photo of The Cityview Hong Kong is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of The Cityview Hong Kong, Hong Kong
This photo of The Cityview Hong Kong is courtesy of TripAdvisor


On our way to lunch!

Anyway if you look closely at the top right hand corner of the photo, you will see bamboo poles. It's a fairly common sight in Hong Kong, coupled with stray ropes and what's not. I think it’s used for construction purpose, so that the workers can stand/climb on it.

To me, it’s freaking scary! It looks like it’s going to break anytime and will stab us to death. I will always try not to walk under it, or walk extra fast when I’m under it.

HONGKONG DRAMA SHOWS THAT IT BREAKS! (Always believe in drama!)

Common view in Hong Kong

Apart from the ground floor, and maybe second and third floor which may be salons or brothels, (I’m kidding about the brothels, I never personally see one, but that's how Hong Kong dramas portrayed it to be!) the rest are residential.

My sister told me that people may throw acid from their window.


I don't know if she's trying to hoax me or what, but Hong Kong dramas also showed people throwing acid!


Hong Kong buses are nice! Did not personally take it, but saw it on street. *points to the background* It’s not as packed compared to Singapore’s buses!


Reached the Cha Can Ting! Their tables are all very small, thus not so suitable for big groups! Since we traveled in 6s, we split 3-3!


My attempt in taking food photo, not very good… =S

Their chicken rice is actually very nice! Specking from someone who doesn't really like chicken rice much!


The cold Milk tea! Absolutely love it!


Very nice!!! Condensed Milk on butter toast! MUST TRY!


Macaroni +luncheon meat and shredded chicken


Uh.. terrible photo..
noodles + luncheon Meat + Egg


I.. forgot what I ate. LOL.
some baked rice.
Not very nice. LOL

Series of our faces.


My sister









After which we went back to the hotel to rest for awhile before heading off to explore Hong Kong! Did not take any photos thereafter because the street was too crowded!


End of with a failed attempt of me trying to focus on the octopus card.

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