Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cramps. The epitome of pain. and Panadolism

It's 6.09am in the morning now.
I woke up early because I'm a healthy person who sleeps early and wakes up early.
I woke up at some unearthly time of 5.27am with a throbbing headache
and after popping down 2 panadols I'm wide awake now.
So it's true tt panadol does contains caffeine.
If Im lucky I will be able to return to sleep after this post before my 8.30am lesson.

Just like army, which is something girls wont understand (with the exception of those who joined army)
Cramps is something guys won't EVER understand.
Saying cramps is very painful is A UNDERSTATEMENT.
maybe Im bias but I think 2 years of army is nothing compared to from-puberty-till menopause years of cramps.
Menopause is not a better option anyway too. Life sux.

I didnt have cramps when I started having my period.
It's something tt I acquired when I'm in JC. WTS?
and prior to that, I always think
"I will always trade a headache for stomachache-or-anything-within-the-same-region"
like how painful can stomachache gets?

I think tt's karma.
My cramps was(I hope it's a past tense) so horrible that I will
shiver and break out in cold sweats,
vision turns blur, seeing pixelated not green but white/black
unable to exert any strength
and at 1 point in time, I fainted, luckily in my house.
It's the darkest period in my life, pun intented.
(I think there's a blog post on it, think it's in 2009)

My mum told me "you can only pray to god and hope it will be better"
So I prayed to all forms of god. to no avail.
It makes you sooooooo vulnerable, that I think you will submit to any god that is able to make you feel better

There's nothing that will make you feel better,
not even with your awesome bf by your side, (he is still awesome of course)
except for PANADOL *inserts shimmering sounds and stars*
Now Imma Panadolist.

So now when you ask me, I will choose headache anytime.
and yet again PANADOL made my 5.27am headache disappered!
*inserts shimmering sound and stars yet again*
Im a faithful believer of Panadolism.

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